Tips For Professional Bathroom Renovations

August 29, 2020

The recommendation when doing any type of renovations on your home is to factor in the resale value when determining the types of materials you will use and the style that you opt for, so that it appeals to a wider audience and does not specifically cater to your particular interests. 

It is not wise to pick a flamboyant scheme that only you will be attracted to down the road, particularly in remodeling a bathroom. The space can most definitely reflect your style and be pleasing to your tastes for the time that you intend to live there and enjoy it, but it needs to be able to appeal to a wide range of tastes outside yours if you opt to sell. For renovation tips on bathrooms go to:

The only time you want to get involved with such a heavy remodeling investment is if you know without any reasonable doubt that you will be there beyond a year or two duration. Renovations of this nature into a home that you will not be in for any length of time is not warranted as you can actually lose money in the deal. 

Under normal circumstances or longer residency, a bathroom remodel can potentially bring upwards of 70% or more of a return when the property sells if the renovations are handled properly. There is just something special a potential buyer can see in a recently redone bathroom that encourages them to sign the contract of sale.

Making The Bathroom Remodel About Your Taste

When people are looking to redo their bathroom, you will generally see them scoping out a local magazine to get ideas for their dream room. There are an endless range of ideas and combinations of layouts for this space in the home. Companies such as Bespoke Bathrooms in Canberra work diligently to advise, educate, and make suggestions to homeowners on the latest trends so they can make informed decisions. You have the option of going as elaborate as you choose or keeping the space merely basic. 

The most important concept in a bathroom remodel is ensuring that each thing you implement be durable and capable of handling abuse. When you choose to renovate, pressure is on because you are not only going to designate the space as you see functional, but you are deciding the layout for future buyers as well. That can prove daunting and overwhelming. 

The idea is to try to relax the stress you are placing on yourself with the understanding that you are going to be enjoying the space for some time hopefully before you make the choice to sell. At that point, the upgrades that you have made are bound to bring a return based simply on the fact that you are taking an outdated space and making it current. 

Tips On Making The Most Out Of Your Bathroom Redo

There are a multitude of factors to take into consideration when remodeling your bathroom, but the main thing to remember is do not do it if you only plan to live there for a year, or even two. You will receive zero benefit from your efforts. Beyond that, have fun with it and enjoy the process. Read unknown secrets on remodeling your bathroom space here.

Do not make it stressful, being too concerned about future residents. Yes, you need to be concerned about resale in that you do not want pink flamingo tiles. But, you do want it to reflect your personality, because you have to live there for a period of time. Some things to consider:

  • Type: Bathrooms offer a range of styles, configurations, shapes. Most people are satisfied with the type when they do a reno. But it is wise to look at all the options when faced with making a change. With an experienced interior designer, you will be exposed to possibilities that you would have never conceived without that guidance. 
  • Standard: All homes comprise a standard bathroom. But in the newer homes there is an ‘en-suite’ just off of the master bedroom. Older homes don’t have these. When doing a remodel, it’s an incredible idea for a home with age to add an en-suite and keep the standard bathroom for guests or other family members in the household. The en-suite is generally built with a ‘spa-like’ theme including a soaking tub and potential skylights if feasible.
  • Bathtub: Most traditional homes include a bathtub, but more modern homes are lacking the tub. Life is more chaotic, and people simply do not have the spare time to indulge in a good soak with many Americans preferring to shower over taking a bath at this point in time. A bath uses a considerable amount of water resources in comparison to showers.

Some people will never let go of the indulgences that a nice relaxing bath can provide. If that is you, then fitting a tub into the scheme in your en-suite is essential. Potential buyers in the future may relish the fact that there is a tub and enjoy the ‘classic’ concept.

  • Natural Light: Sadly, too often there are no windows in the bathroom disallowing from the beauty of natural lighting. A bathroom remodel needs to include the addition of windows if there are none in the space currently, along with skylights if that is a possibility in the space.

Bathrooms are the space in the home that receive the most wear and tear each day. This area needs to endure swift changes in temperature and humidity along with excessive water exposure. You will also want an area where cleanup is easy with the potential for harsh chemical use.

Final Thought

When remodeling the bathroom, you want to invest the most money on the most important elements such as higher quality non porous tile, which will retain the aesthetic with little possibility of dampness problems. Inexpensive particle wood cupboards will swell due to the moisture and serve no purpose. Cast iron or porcelain sinks or sinks are the best choices over acrylic or fiberglass.

It is more important to think about what you and your family need and how it works for you as opposed to what the potential buyers in the future will think. Yes, resale is important. But if you are planning to stay there for any length of time, the functionality of the space for the people living there currently is priority.

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