Design Tips That You Should Know When You Decide To Remodel Your Bathroom

November 21, 2018

According to, people spend almost $8000-$18,000 on remodeling their bathrooms. A number of things go into a project of bathroom remodeling and until and unless you are associated with a professional, who is remodeling bathrooms on a regular basis, or you are a homeowner who has been through the daunting process of remodeling a number of times; you will know how difficult the entire process is. You have to take care of tiny details, options, processes, and make decisions wisely. When someone is giving an opinion to you, it may sound as if they are advising you in foreign languages. However, this definitely does not mean that you should not be preparing for your test. No matter how daunting the task of bathroom remodeling is from installing a freestanding tub to simply changing your shower head, you need to be aware of a number of tips so that you can get the perfect bathroom that you are looking forward to. Remaining prepared is extremely important. Given below is a list of the important designer tips that you should keep in mind when you decide to remodel the bathroom.

Knowing the costs of bathroom remodeling

Before beginning any project for remodeling your bathroom, it is crucial that you put all your expectations and wishes into a proper perspective, especially when you are interested in investing a certain amount of money. In order to remodel your bathroom, you need to decide a budget first. For preparing the budget, you will also need to have a detailed knowledge about the estimated costs for bathroom remodeling.

You need to know the size, the kinds of materials that you are interested in using, and you also need to decide whether you are going to hire a professional or you can do little changes here and there on your own. As soon as you know the estimated costs, you will be able to make a budget.

The toilet should not be the first thing that you view when you open the bathroom door

You should ensure that the toilet should not be the first thing that you are viewing when you are opening the door of your bathroom. The logic behind this is extremely simple. There are times when you leave the door of your bathroom open. In case if you have invited guests over to your place, and if your guest walks by your bathroom, the first thing that he is going to see is the toilet. It is obvious that this is not going to be an aesthetically pleasing site. Ensure that you are making anything the focal point but not the toilet.

Considering the vintage finishes

The main reason as to why you are remodeling the bathroom is that you want a fresh and new look but you also need to understand that some things can be replaced easily in comparison to the others. For instance, if your home is old, the wall tiles can have numerous layers of concrete as well as wire lath. Since they are extremely difficult to work on, the labor costs will also increase. This is why it is suggested that you keep your vintage tiles intact and spend your money on reforming something else. Vintage tiles or anything else can add a beautiful charm and feature to your bathroom. read about the bathroom as well as the space that is required for the toilet seat.

Planning a proper lighting scheme

One of the most important and unique aspects of remodeling your bathroom is working on the lighting scheme of the bathroom as well. You can consult with your designer and incorporate beautiful and ambient lighting, which will make your bathroom look pleasing and mesmerizing. Since your bathroom is one of the most important places in your home where you can relax, you should concentrate properly on the lighting. Also, on basis of the lights that you choose, your bathroom can look big or small.

Understanding the dimensions of your bathroom

It is crucial that you have a proper knowledge about the key measurements so that it becomes easier for you to remodel the bathroom. You need to have an idea about the size of the bathtub that would fit inside your bathroom as well as the space that is required for the toilet seat. Once you have the proper measurements, it will be easier for you to remodel the bathroom in an efficient manner.

Planning the proper height for the sink

The typical countertops are normally 32 inches off the bathroom floor. However, you have to consider how the sink will take away or add the height of the countertop. For instance, it is suggested that you make the height of the countertop lower so that it is easier for you to wash the hands and brush the teeth comfortably. You can go through the reviews of bathroom remodeling Long Island to get a better idea about bathroom remodeling.

Considering corner sinks

If space is tight and there are problems with traffic flow because of the main door or the shower door, the best thing that you can do is place the sink at a corner in order to free a lot of space. If space is tight and there are problems of traffic flow because of the main door or the shower door, the best thing that you can do is place the sink at a corner in order to free a lot of space, add texture and design to enhance the look of your bathroom. The reasons are quite straightforward as this sink offers you a good experience in terms of appearance, performance, and functionality.

Adding a tiny bathtub

If your bathroom is not large enough, ensure that you are putting in a small bathtub. Most people think that bathtubs are not an option for the small bathrooms, but a number of companies have been shrinking all their models so that they can be accommodated in chic and little places.

Picking up the right vanities

You need to understand that the vanities that you are placing in your bathroom are not only for enhancing the looks. If you get a big vanity, you can end up messing up the routes of the bathroom traffic. If you do not pick up a proper vanity, it is obvious that you will have maintenance issues. Hence, it is crucial that you pick up all the right vanities on basis of the size of the bathroom.


Remodeling your bathroom is undoubtedly one of the toughest tasks that you have undertaken. Nevertheless, if you consider all the tips that have been mentioned above, you will surely be able to remodel your bathroom easily.

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