Everything That Can Go Wrong During A Bathroom Renovation

March 30, 2022

Bathroom renovations can add a lot of value to your home. However, they can also cause it to lose value as well, particularly if you botch the process. 

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? If so, you will want to read this post carefully. In it, we describe everything that can go wrong during the process. 

Getting In The Shower Requires Getting Wet First

Ideally, you should be able to turn on your shower and then wait a few seconds for it to warm up before you step inside. However, sometimes, you can accidentally create a situation where that is impossible. Turning on the shower immediately forces a jet of cold water over your body that you cannot avoid. Sound familiar?

For a more pleasant bathroom experience, place the on switch of the shower away from the flow of water. Then when it warms up, you can step inside. 

Forgetting About Towel Bars And Hooks

Another common mistake people make is that they forget about towel bars and hooks when planning their bathroom’s layout. They focus so much on the bathtub, shower unit and vanity that they forget all about accessories. 

Fortunately, this is usually an easy problem to correct. However, you will want to consider it before you start renovating your bathroom, not after. 

Buying Cheap Plumbing

Buying cheap plumbing is a bad idea and usually requires emergency water damage cleanup when things go wrong. Cheap components seem great to begin with because they do their job. However, after a while, they stop functioning the way they should. Eventually, they fall into disrepair, usually around the ten-year mark, leaving you with all sorts of problems, from burst pipes to leaking faucets. 

To get around this, invest in your plumbing hardware early on. Go with your plumber’s recommendations about which components to use. They usually have good knowledge of what’s likely to go wrong. 

Omitting The Hand Shower

Even if you do not think you use a hand shower regularly, there are many times that it comes in handy. For instance, imagine you have a large walk-in shower. What is the best way to clean it? With an extendable hand-shower, of course. When you are able to angle the direction of the water, you can rinse down the side walls and floor much more easily after scrubbing it with cleaner. Installing one afterwards is usually prohibitively expensive. 

Failing To Provide Adequate Storage

If you think that all you and your family need for all their bathroom items is a small mirrored medicine cabinet, then think again. The number of possessions that you need to keep in the room is surprisingly large. 

To solve this problem, ensure that you make space available for multiple vanities and drawers. If you have space, you can also add cabinets with shelving underneath. 

Bad Lighting

Lastly, you will want to avoid the scourge of bad lighting — something that affects a surprisingly large number of bathrooms. Small bathrooms less than 42 square feet are at highest risk. 

To correct this, add a large mirror opposite the window to reflect light around the room. Consider installing sconces either side for additional light. 

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