2 Esthetician Equipment You Must Have In Your Salon

September 10, 2020

Every other day, new esthetician equipment is released in the market. For every salon owner, it’s essential to keep updating their salon with the latest equipment. We know that investing in the newest esthetician machines equipment is a big deal. But it’s ROI is high as people are always ready to try new things that’ll make them more beautiful. And today, we bring you the top two trendy esthetician equipment you must have in your salon:

24K Gold Vibrating Sculpting Massager

You might not know that gold is one of those compounds that have been used for thousands of years to heal the human skin. This aesthetic device is designed in a way to promote or boost the growth of healthy skin cells without damaging the old ones. So how does this esthetician equipment work? As it is a massager, the working of this device is very simple. It uses the medium of vibration that benefits it in many different ways when transferred to your skin. It not only promotes healthy skin growth but also has several other benefits like:

  • This massager increases the blood circulation or blood flow rate of your skin, which increases the production of collagen. Collagen is a component that makes the skin soft and shiny.
  • It helps to reduce eye puffiness and also aids lymphatic drainage.
  • This esthetician equipment is also helpful in relieving from migraine pain and headaches.

Investing your money in this fantastic aesthetic device is a value for money deal. You can quickly increase your profits when your customers start seeing excellent results in their skin.

The Bella Microneedle Starter Kit

You may know that collagen is a protein that is found in your skin. It helps to structure your face and is responsible for the healthy growth of your skin. And the reason why we are telling you about this is that it’s related to the working of this aesthetic device. This device is used to provide precise micro-needling treatment to the skin. So what is this micro-needling? It is a process to create tiny pores in the skin, which enhances collagen production naturally.

This device is also very helpful in curing the acne problems, removing fine lines, and even those tough wrinkles. You can use this device on both males and females without worrying that it’ll harm their skin. We can assure you that your customers will love this treatment that they’ll get only at your salon. Many companies sell these products. But when we have a choice, confusion always arises. To make the selection process simple, we have some tips to help you choose the best esthetician company. Here are those quick tips:

  • Buy from the seller who offers at least one year of warranty.
  • Provides you with some spare parts of your equipment.
  • Whose rates are reasonable.
  • When buying online, check for the reviews.
  • Provides you with a minimum of 2 replacement chances.

Final Words

These were the top two latest esthetician machines equipment that you should think of investing. You can also share your experience of using this esthetician equipment with us in the comment section below.



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