Celebrities with A Military Haircut

September 10, 2020

The military haircut is gaining popularity among men worldwide because it adds some form of elegance and smartness to their physique. The trimmed-down buzz cuts are relatively easy to keep and require no unique styling. This is why it is chosen by the military or, more precisely, the army.

 Apart from the military, some celebrities have also chosen to follow the military haircut path, which has helped them look comely and always ready for the camera light while cementing heir names as a mainstay in their profession. 

Perhaps you thought about such a haircut for yourself, but have not yet decided, here you will find 10 Benefits of Going for a Military Haircut but for now read on to discover if your favorite Hollywood celebrities and media sensations have ever had military haircuts.

Hollywood Sensations Spotting the Military Haircut in Their Look

Stephen Lang

Lang is the first on the list of celebrities, and this is because of the popular Avatar movie series that he was featured in. Lang, referred to as Colonel Miles Quaritch in the series was a villain and the commander and motivator of the entire project.  

The colonel had to demonstrate this in his looks by having the military haircut on throughout the movie production. He had his hair painted white while keeping the hair on the sides and back of his head low. He also kept the up-top hair long and made a unique styling to the front part of this top hair. He also had three classical marks that spanned from his face through his hair to the back of his head. This haircut made him appear perfect for the character he wanted to portray.

Besides, Lang was seen with a military haircut at award ceremonies and public shows during and after the project. This added a bit of style and earned him more popularity with the military haircut.

Tom Cruise

Another great personality that has been known for his class and style since he came into the movie industry is Tom Cruise. Tom had the military haircut on in one of the greatest movies he ever acted; Top Gun. Tom acted as a pilot in training during this movie and the haircut perfectly fitted the character he was trying to portray. He kept his black hair low on the sides and back, although not revealing his scalp. His head’s top hair was long, and the front part was styled to bend forward, compared with the other parts of the hair.

Tom went through a lot in this movie and what everyone would have expected was to see his hair go rough or scattered. However, this was not the case as the hair was kept in great shape throughout the movie. This is factual proof that the military haircut can be an excellent choice for those hoping to keep a striking look and smooth haircut for an extended period.

Will Smith

Independence Day is one of the several movies that got Will Smith to act as the savior of the world due to a series of events that happened at that time. The military haircut came in handy to help the popular actor fit easily into his character. He had a high and tight haircut, with the sides being low and the top high. He also kept the shape of the top hair perfect with sharp bends on all sides. This made him look like a serious character and protagonist who indeed wanted to save the planet.

In the face of emergency and chaos, Will Smith was still able to look calm and stylish. This can pass the right message to people whose jobs require some level of emergency. The military haircut can make you keep a calm and relaxed look even while you are going through the hustle and bustle of every passing day. 

Tom Hanks

Hanks is one of the many actors that will make you want to get the military haircut after watching his movie. One of the top films where he had this haircut worn in class and style was Saving Private Ryan, a war movie that saw Hanks, who had the character of Captain John Miller, search for ways to find Ryan.

He went through several pains and challenging times in this movie. However, you will notice that the haircut was kept perfectly fitted on his head throughout playing the character. Even his stance and movement were quite confident and smart, thanks to the military haircut he had on in the movie.

Tom had the perfect buzz cut in this movie with the hair low on all sides, including the head’s top. This made it look simple and easy to maintain. You can also copy this military haircut if you wish to keep a hairstyle that does not require special treatment and styling. However, this haircut might need you to cut your hair consistently. Often, you have to cut it once in two to three weeks. 

Other Celebrities

The list of celebrities who have honed the military haircut in their movies and other shows is endless. Some of the other top stars in this category include Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Zayn Malik, Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake, and yes, Justin Bieber and several others. The military hairstyle they have cut in the past includes the buzz cut, the crew cut, and even the funkiest pop hairstyles, all of which link to the military haircut. 


The fact that these celebrities have had the military haircut in the past does not mean you also need to do it. However, it can be some form of inspiration, especially if your favorite actor or artist has had the haircut done, and you might want to consider trying it out.



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