The More Of Less: Five Essential Storages For A Minimalist House

September 17, 2020

The 20th Century has enslaved people with their guilty pleasures. Preoccupied with the rat race of life, the fear of falling behind urges them to attain the greatest satisfaction even beyond their financial means. Moreover, a house adorned with embellishments was once the sole measurement of delightful living. But, this new movement has changed and inspired the facet of living a life — the minimalism.

Minimalism has recalibrated the way people perceive pleasurable living. It promotes appreciation to simple things and keeps everything in an orderly manner without complicating. This movement has inspired people to remodel their houses by maximizing the functionality of minimized stuff in the house. Thus, to keep everything in place, having storages is a great way to begin as a minimalist.

1. Cabinets

Cabinets are essential storage in the house, and buying wholesale cabinets allows you to get maximum hold and style at an affordable price. This storage holds necessary materials in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, maintaining a clutter-free home. Here are some tips in deciding what type of cabinet to be bought for specific areas in the house following the minimalist approach.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the house’s primary areas, where plenty of cooking equipment lies, and goods such as spices are stored. Having a sturdy yet stylish cabinet creates a big difference in your house’s appeal with its functionality. You can either select an open or closed-type cabinet depending on your preference.

Bedroom Cabinets

When you embrace minimalism, you discard unnecessary stuff in your house. In the bedroom area, cabinets keep your commodities such as clothes. With that said, you must have a cabinet that does not only speak your style but also serve as durable multipurpose storage. Further, an open-type cabinet allows you to easily see your belongings, while a closed-type cabinet keeps your things from dust.

Bathroom Cabinets

Moist and water splashes are inevitable in the bathroom. Therefore, keeping things from being swathed in water is important to prevent germs and bacteria from growing. A water-resistant bathroom cabinets is best in your bathroom to keep face towels, body essentials, and medicines submerged in water.

2. Ottoman

The house’s grandeur in the minimalist approach is seen in its least — the lesser it has, the bigger the space the place provides. Since there are only a few furniture-like seats, hosting a big gathering is somewhat daunting, but this gives way to household innovations such as this ottoman.

Ottoman is an item of multipurpose furniture. It is a seat that has built-in storage underneath. Further, it is durable, stylish, and practical. This storage can be in the form of a couch, a bench, or a sofa, where you keep books and magazines to maintain your house’s tidiness.

3. Underbed Storage

The bed occupies greater space in the bedroom, whether it is the master’s or guest’s bed, it leaves vacant space beneath. So why not utilize it?


For easy access to storage, it is advisable to purchase a wheeled drawer. It is perfect for storing kid’s toys, shoes, and art materials for a clutter-free room.

Locked Boxes

Locked boxes are an appropriate place for frequently used materials such as personal documents and significant possessions.  Hence, keeping it away from intruders or unwanted burglars.

Storage Boxes

Christmas and Halloween are seasonal holidays where people decorate their houses. Indeed, it is a feast to the eyes to see dazzling lights in Christmas trees and fancy Halloween ornaments. However, the aftercare would be difficult, especially if there is inadequate storage. Worry no more because storage boxes (a bag with zipping) will contain all the seasonal mess under your bed.

Photo Cases

Photos are memorabilia that reminisce the good old past, and most people store their photographs and albums in the attic. But, there are tendencies that it would destroy the quality of the photo due to heat exposure and moisture or, worse, chewed-up by home wreckers — the rodents. To prevent those from happening, purchase an acid-free photo case container.

4. Tension Rods

Who would have thought that a single tension rod can have multiple folds? Besides being used in curtains, utilizing the rod for D.I.Y. projects in homes can become an economical and pragmatic way of living. Tension rods can serve as an organizer where kitchen pans and pots for herb garden are suspended and make a bunk bed curtain for privacy.

5. Corner Shelves

If you need storage solutions for your minimalist house, you must have corner shelves for specific areas in your home. Corner shelves can be used as storage for toothbrushes and medicines. Moreover, this can also be used as a placeholder for picture frames and vases in the bedroom and living room.


The minimalist movement has immensely changed how people think of attaining a blissful life. It exudes realizations that it can be a life well-lived. And, having storages would make the home brighter and clutter-free. Hence, minimalism has unshackled people from the materialistic realm, which was once considered the ultimate happiness in life.

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