Common Causes Of Car Accidents

September 18, 2020

Each day, there are numerous accidents that occur on roads all over the country and world. Some of these might be unavoidable, such as when large animals, like deer, run into the road unexpectedly. For the most part, incidents are avoidable if proper attention is given to the roads, as well as ensuring automotive repairs and servicing are frequently carried out. 

Accidents may not simply damage your vehicle. They can, in the worst case, cause loss of life or serious life restricting injuries. Sadly, you can only ensure that you are following driving laws and using common sense when on the roads. You cannot control the actions or driving of others. It is for this reason that it may be a good idea to assume you will have to be the party that slows down or stops, even if it is your right of way. For more info, click the link to liaise with car accident lawyers in Mobile

Otherwise, it might be worth looking into some common causes of accidents, and the preventative measures you might take.


The weather is one such cause. Rain, fog, sleet, and snow can all impede on both the physical driving and your visibility. Aquaplaning, skidding, or simply being unable to see due to thick weather conditions can all cause accidents. 

It is important to note that it is not simply bad weather that can cause road traffic accidents. Strong sunlight, glare, and reflection off the road can also reduce visibility. 

Either way, it is important to take note of any changing weather conditions and alter your driving accordingly so that you can reduce your overall risk.


Different countries have different limits in place for how fast you are allowed to go. This will differ depending on the road you are on. Speed limits are not there to cause frustration, but to keep you and others safe. Likewise, they are a limit, meaning that is the maximum speed you should ever be doing on that road. They are not a target to try and hit, nor are they a minimum amount you should be driving at. It is perfectly reasonable to do less than the given speed limit, especially if you are unsure of the road, it bends a lot, or the weather is impeding your vision. 

Many accidents are caused every day due to drivers thinking that they can still manoeuvre their vehicle safely and get to their destination quicker. Other than accidents, this can also result in licence points, fines, or even losing your licence.

It is much better to reach your destination later and safely, than to risk the lives of yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. Making note of road conditions, as well as your own tiredness or other factors that may inhibit proper concentration, can help you to potentially avoid car accidents.  

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