Is Your Home Ready For The Summer?

May 18, 2022

Depending on what season we are living in, your home can change. It can be a lovely and warm place that is just right for winter, or it can be a light, airy and clean place like we would expect in the spring. But when summer comes around, the game changes entirely! Summer is one of the hardest seasons to prepare for, thanks to just how oppressive the temperature levels can get, and your home needs to be ready for them. With that in mind, here are some of the best jobs to carry out right now before we fully move into the sunny months. 

Dust off the patio

The patio outside is going to be in full swing this summertime! Make sure it is cleared of leaves or dirt, cut back any plants that overhang it, and pop some comfy furniture out there. If you want to host a BBQ or two, ensure there is plenty of room to sit and some shade away from the punishing midday sun. You can even set up some lights and a music player out there, if you would really like to get out into the garden more. 

Replace your AC filter

If you have an air conditioner in your home, it is best to get it checked out right now. You will hate to have to call out an AC repair in the midst of August, when you are already sweating and have to wait days for the most expensive call out of your life! Even just turning it on right now and seeing how it works will do the trick, and it is best to swap out the filter at the same time considering the months of heavy use ahead. 

Wipe down the windows

The windows in your home are going to be open all season round, so you will want to make sure they are clean right now. Clean windows tend to let in cleaner air, and they simply look much better alongside those sheer nets you are planning to hang up. Get the dust and grime off of them, and even think about repainting the panes with a lovely white gloss for a proper summer house look. 

Get ready for bugs

The bugs are going to be out in their droves during the summer, and they are going to make their way into your home as well. Depending on where you live, this could be a big issue; no one wants dangerous spiders, ticks, and mosquitoes to invade their living room! 

It might be worth it to put up a window screen that blocks the worst of these critters from getting inside. Also, be sure to get pest treatments for any pets that live in your home, and think about buying an organic spray or powder that can prevent things like ants from living just outside the door too. 

Your home is going to need a bit of TLC before the summer really rolls round. Use tips like these to cross off the most important jobs well ahead of time. 

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