Five Unknown Secrets Florida Has To Offer

September 28, 2020

Florida is a well-known vacation destination. For so many of us we have visited this beautiful state as part of a family trip; experiencing Disney World or other theme parks. Perhaps we have visited parents or grandparents in their retirement homes. However, beyond these cliched views of Florida, there is countless opportunity for adventure in this glorious state. Here are five unknown secrets that Florida has to offer:

Hiking Trails

It is easy to forget the real-world adventures that you can have beyond the plastic castles and Styrofoam features of the theme parks that clutter certain parts of the Floridian landscape. There is almost unlimited hiking trails dotted around the state. Form the famous 1,400 mile Florida Trail that takes in a varied and fascinating route from Pensacola Beach to the edge of the Everglades, to the huge variety of day hikes, beach walks, and more — there is something for everyone! There are many guides and tours available for those who require them.

Nature Reserves 

Florida is a huge state and has a great variety of natural resources. The swamps and marshlands hold a number of natural wonders. The obvious draw is the large alligator population and there are very commercial locations such as Gatorland, which is perfect for young kids and family visits, however, there are many more locations that are more muted in tone that may play better to a more mature audience.

Wedding Venues

If you are looking to tie the knot, then search no further than Florida. There is a fantastic selection of traditional venues such as churches and event centers. But with such an abundance of natural beauty, why not look to outdoor options as well? There are many parks and open spaces, though the jewel in the crown has to be Gulf Beach Weddings, the beautiful coastline gives the perfect setting for a stylish and romantic evening.

Historical Sites

Although, Florida is not often thought of as having a rich vein of historical events, there is so much the state has to offer. There are dozens of interesting and educational historical places of interest around. Florida does not necessarily have a military history involving battlegrounds or forts, as much as other states. There was some conflict when the area changed from Spanish rule to British rule and then back again to end the American Revolutionary War, there is a great battle site in Seaton Creek near Jacksonville. But beyond this, there are a whole range of sites, from Fort Jefferson to the various lighthouses along the coast.

Events And Festivals

There is a multitude of cultural events that can add a bit of a bang to your visit. The Swanky Palooza music festival is an extravagant array of diverse acts that will cater to any musical tastes and fun for all groups. The food and wine festivals can introduce you to a world of new tastes and flavors and give you a real chance to expand your cultural horizons.

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