Leadership Through Marketing: Brand Vision And Value

September 28, 2020

Efficient marketing is primary connected to attracting new potential clients. It can be said that marketing serves as a facilitator between the brand and its customers. To turn any marketing campaign into success one, it is necessary not only to execute the required promoting actions but also to learn how to lead through marketing. 

The Concept Of Brand Value

Leadership through marketing is not about marketing techniques. Leadership is present in marketing through effective brand positioning, establishing value, and both trustworthy and compelling brand storytelling. Among the mentioned aspects, the crucial element seems to be the value creation. This concept is integral in building any sort of leadership in marketing due to several reasons. First, value creation assists in building long-term and stable relationships with clients and stakeholders. Second, this aspect helps to keep the employees motivated to create the desired customer experience. In addition to that, value creation makes it possible to create a monopoly if the product or service is unique or innovative enough. 

Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects connected to the value creation process. In the first place, marketers should pay attention to the way customers and the company’s needs overlap, which is called value creation zone. Furthermore, as can be derived from everchanging customer needs, the value creation zone is always a moving target for the CEO and CMO. The value creation zone can be established with the help of customers’ needs analysis and the marketing mix analysis of the company’s abilities (four ‘P’s: product, price, place, and promotion). It is also possible to use four ‘P’s framework for competitive analysis to make sure that the company offers the best propositions on the market. 

Brand value creation is a multi-faceted topic that can be a good thesis statement in such disciplines as marketing and PR. If you need a more detailed analysis of brand value creation, it might be a good idea to place a help me do my homework on some quality academic paper writing service. Meanwhile, let us take a look on the basic aspect of marketing leadership. 

Customers’ Needs Analysis

Every successful organization managed to conduct a detailed analysis of its potential customers’ needs. This initial and the most important step is required to meet the clients’ needs to the maximum, create the optimal brand’s image, and establish its value. Consequently, the analysis of potential audience profile and needs leads to more precise targeting and attracting more leads and buyers than people who are not interested in acquiring proposed goods or services. 

It is important to identify and classify customers: their average profile, interests, problems they are trying to solve, places they visit both online and in the physical world. In this way, it is possible to check whether the product qualities can help fix the potential clients’ problems, and whether the brands’ image and marketing campaigns can reach out to the audience in the most effective and appropriate manner. To find answers to these questions, the existing data can be applied: customer interviews, past surveys and polls, scientific studies, etc. This will not only lead to product improvement and better brand positioning, but also help in choosing the right marketing channel. For example, it is better to target the young audience of 16-30 years via Instagram ads, while the audience of 40-50 years is better to be targeted with Facebook or Google ads. 

As can be seen, understanding the interests, needs, and profiles of the target audience is what the brand requires for a successful marketing campaign. Apart from establishing customer value, the customer needs analysis is an essential part of product development and concept development. At the same time, figuring out customers’ needs should be a continuous, never-ending process to make the company’s products the best suitable options to fulfill their demands. This is the very first stride to create, maintain, and expand the product value. 

Brand Image, Vision, And Effective Narrative 

Creating and cultivating an authentic company’s vision, trustworthy, and compelling brand narrative is also vital to start leading on the market. Finding the best way to tell the brand’s own story will assist at creating engaging content and ad, interacting efficiently with social media and third-part articles, standing out among other brands thanks to the company’s unique voice. 

The brand vision is what makes the brand different from other companies. It consists of such components as a mission statement, intentions for the nearest future, and the brand values. The mission statement should reflect the essence of the company’s purpose and services or products. The values of the company help both in terms of promotion and staff motivation to live up to customers’ expectations. It should be noted that the values based on the clients’ needs can serve as an excellent CMO’s assistant to mobilize employees for great customer experience. 

Digital Marketing

It is not a secret that all spheres become more and more digitalized. In fact, digital marketing continues to dramatically change the way in which products and services are promoted. Digital marketing can be made of such elements:

  • SMM and social media presence;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and linkbuilding;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Ads demonstration in product-related apps
  • Sms and mms marketing
  • Crowd marketing

Analog (Or Physical World) Marketing

Although, the introduction and quick development of digital marketing has been a revolutionary change, we live in physical world, which makes it possible to benefit from analog marketing. Without any doubt, digitalization and automation open brand-new ways to quickly reach the target audience. Nevertheless, sometimes analog marketing can still bear fruit with flying colors: companies tend to create catalogs for their products/services, posters, flyers, diverse types of outdoor advertisements, etc. 

As can be seen, leadership and marketing are thoroughly connected, especially if a brand wants to occupy prominent positions on the market. In order to do this, such marketing elements as value creation, brand vision, customer needs analysis, four ‘P’s framework, effective storytelling should become an integral part of marketing campaigns. 

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