Top 5 Wedding Locations for Boho Romantic Weddings

September 28, 2020

A bohemian style wedding means the rules are thrown out the window. You’re not bound by tradition or typical protocol. You have freedom of expression, and this is perfect for those who want to make every inch of their wedding tailored to them. 

Boho is an eclectic mix of hippie, gypsy, and artsy design, meaning endless possibilities. You can wear a boho designed dress or decorate the reception this way. Alternatively, you could go all out and choose a unique boho feel location for your wedding. 

Many people opt to get in touch with mother nature, with outdoorsy focused decor. Some take this a step further and get married in an outside venue. Other people may decide something more personal to them is a better fit for their wedding.

Below we’ll explore the top 5 boho romantic settings for your wedding.  


For those who love the performing arts, holding your wedding in a theater could be your life’s best performance. Imagine saying your vows on stage, in front of a theater full of people you cherish the most. 

There’s also no need to worry about a liquor license, as most already have bars and light snacks. If you’re still swaying towards the outside idea, then you can opt for an outdoor amphitheater as your venue.


The decision to get married in a museum may sound a little too out of the box. However, they’re great venues for large weddings. The exhibits create the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. Furthermore, which museum you choose can add a personal flair to your day. It may be one you visited when dating or showcase something you’re both passionate about. For instance, you could say ‘I do’ in an art, music, or history museum.

Many museums that host weddings also provide guided tours. Your guests can then have a unique experience during the cocktail hour.


Are you searching for something more intimate and magical? You can get married in a treehouse. These woodland spots may only seat a few guests, which is the perfect choice for those that want a private affair with loved ones. 

You can always set up a rustic festival-themed yurt in a field closeby for dinner, speeches, and the after-party with extended friends and family. A treehouse wedding is an excellent choice for those who love the outdoors. 

Converted Buildings

There are a variety of converted buildings open for private rental. For instance, you could choose to hold your wedding in a beautifully restored monastery, airplane hanger, barn, or factory. 

These unconventional spaces often offer large areas that are blank canvases for you to transform. Additionally, many of these buildings are owned by event companies. Therefore, they have many amenities on tap and available packages. 

Botanical Garden

Bring the outdoors to you in a botanical garden conservatory. The high glass ceiling, flowers, and shrubbery will create the most beautiful setting, with little need for decoration. 

The rental spaces are often large enough to have both the ceremony and reception in one venue. Your guests can enjoy exploring the gardens. Moreover, they typically have stunning fountains and immaculate lawns, which make the perfect spots for wedding pictures.

Bonus: Don’t Forget the Honeymoon!

Once the day is done, the boho theme doesn’t have to stop there. Your honeymoon is an excellent opportunity to continue the wedding day magic. There’s no better way to stay in that bliss mood by taking elements of your wedding with you. 

Choose a boho honeymoon location and carry on with the out of the box way of doing things. Ask your friends and family to skip the gifts and help you out paying for it. Click here to learn about wedding registry that isn’t about items but experiences.

Final Words

Your wedding day is all about you and your loved one. Choose the perfect day for you by opting for an unusual location that reflects your personalities. Let the freedom of boho stir up your creative side and make every inch of your wedding plan personal to you both. 

Dare to think big and bold. Some venues may have extra hurdles like permits and licensing to acquire. Nevertheless, if it’s the perfect spot for you, then nothing is impossible


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