October 3, 2020

Getting the good news of having a baby, that too, for the very first time in your life brings enormous joy to you and your family. No doubt that the very first pregnancy makes you learn a lot. One of those new things is arranging a baby shower.

The time we are living in is known for amazing celebrations and parties. People have now started to put more effort into baby showers, just like birthday and wedding functions. Traditionally, baby showers were known to be arranged by the aunts of yet to be born. The reason was to provide the mum-to-be with all the essentials she might need throughout her pregnancy. Here is the perfect step by step guide of planning the perfect baby shower for your adorable baby:

Choose The Time

Some women prefer to have a baby shower early before the baby starts kicking. The others prefer having a big baby bump in the event. Whatever the time you decide to throw a baby shower, make sure you let your friend and family know beforehand.

Preferably, weekends are more popular for baby showers. You can either go for daylight or night time events. It’s easier to play with colors in the day than the night.

Pick The Party Venue

The weather condition at the time of the event plays a huge role while deciding the location, so while choosing a spot for the baby shower, keep the weather condition in mind. Now coming to the venue’s options, you can arrange the party in the garden area of your house, any cafe, or a restaurant. If you are choosing home, you would need to put extra effort into housekeeping and decoration. In contrast, a cafe or restaurant will provide you with everything, and you do not need to worry about the after-party cleaning. If you are residing in Orlando, there are a lot of Orlando party venues you can choose from to celebrate your baby shower.  Keeping it at home will give you more memories to cherish later. Hiring event planners and keeping yourself involved is forever a great option.

Prepare The Guestlist

Once you have planned the time and location, it is the right time to move to the guest list. It is completely up to you to decide how private or public you want to keep things. You can have a little get-together with only a few close friends and family or a big baby shower party with all the colleagues, relatives, and friends. Both of the parents need to sit together while writing down the guest’s list. This event has a very special value for both parents; that is why you must respect each other’s suggestions. Write down all the names then chop down the list as much as you like. In the end, you will surely be satisfied with the leftover people on the list.

Decide The Party’s Theme

We all must have seen all those colorful baby showers pictures. Why do they all look so attractive? The answer lies in the good theme selection! The decision to choose an interesting theme is not that hard. You can find hundreds of ideas online. All you need to do is pick the right colors.

Theme decision for a baby shower is easier than a birthday theme. A baby shower arrangement can genuinely look very cohesive even after choosing two or three basic colors. But keep the time of the event in your mind. The colors that pop up in the day will not work at night and vice versa.

Contact The Catering Services

Food is the mood booster for any parties. It is crucial to make all the food arrangements in advance. If you have some talented people who can manage the party’s food, then you are good to go. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to find the best catering service in your locality. The best way to look out good catering services is by checking the reviews on their websites and social media pages. The finest ones will surely boost the party’s experience by keeping the things your way because they know the event is very personal to you.

Do Not Forget The Goodybags

A little token of appreciation for the people and their families who came in and made your baby shower amazing is very important. Consider a functional keepsake, such as an open cup for baby which is made for their little precious hand-size and will always be remembered as their first cup. It is not necessary to have huge goodie bags nor even expensive ones. All the people who came in to be there for you would even appreciate a tiny note with a flower in the goodie bag. You can also get customized cookies for the goodie bags.

Get Help

Asking for little assistance from the loved one is not a bad thing. During making the baby shower arrangement, you can call your closed ones for any type of assistance you need for the party. You definitely cannot run from decor to checking up on the catering service, and you need someone around. If the family is not available at the moment of preparations, ask your friends. Involving them will help you and give them a feeling of delight that you chose them to help you out on your big day.

Stay Calm And Get The Dress Ready

Last but not least, do not let the preparation exhaust you to the point that you end up being tired on a very important day. Get your dress ready for the day, keep the spirit high, and make the most of the day, because guess what? You will never get another first baby shower!

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