How to choose an electric skateboard – The Ultimate Buying Guide.

October 5, 2020

The popularity of electric skateboards is increasing with each passing day. People love to ride on these rapid commuting machines. There are plenty of types of electric skateboards you will find in the market with various features and specifications. Here the question arises on how to choose the best electric skateboard for yourself?

In other words, these gadgets are machines of course and you have to be very careful while choosing one for you. Otherwise, it might ruin your complete riding electric skateboard perspective.

There are certain factors that you should be familiar with before buying an electric skateboard in 2020. Usually, for beginners, you can select a good skateboard under 300 US Dollars.  But, we have compiled this detailed and ultimate buying guide for you to help you to learn to choose the best electric longboard in 2020. So stay tuned, following you will read in detail about each factor.

Factors that You Should Consider Before Buying the Electric Skateboard

Quality Brand 

First, you should be well aware of the top-rated brands that are producing electric skateboards. By knowing these brands it is quite easy for you to shortlist the top quality electric skateboards. This not only saves your time to search your desired electric skateboard from a wide market of the electric skateboard. But, you can also save your money by investing in a well-renowned brand’s product. So first choose 10-15 top brands and start considering other factors that we have discussed below.

Range & Speed

Range and the speed of the electric skateboard is the most demanding and searching factor. People are curious to find the fastest and long-range electric skateboard to take maximum benefit from the thrilling electric skateboarding. So, you should check the range and speed of the respective electric skateboard. Because it can make or break your whole riding experience. Like if you buy a board that requires 8-12 hours to charge and provide you the range of only 4-6 miles. That would be a very disappointing performance of an electric skateboard and hurt your feelings badly.

So, make sure you choose the board according to your required riding range and speed limit.


The motor is another considerable factor because it is the heart that produces the thrust to spread the blood into the whole body. Similarly, the motor produces the acceleration which helps the electric skateboard to move. There is a single, dual, or even 4 motors electric skateboard. Choose according to your need.

Battery & Charging Time

The battery is a power supplier to the motor to perform complete work. So you should choose the electric skateboard with the high-performance battery to attain the ultimate skateboarding experience. In addition to this, charging time is a key factor in selecting an electric skateboard. Like we have discussed above that if you choose an electric skateboard that charges the battery at its optimal point in 8-12 hours and provides you only 4-6 miles to ride then you will be frustrated at the end with this pathetic performance. So, be sharp and active while choosing the best electric skateboard.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Should not ignore the electric skateboard’s max weight lifting limit. Otherwise, you will lose your money by choosing the wrong gadget for your skateboarding. Because if, your electric skateboard has low weight-bearing capacity compared to your weight, it might miss its optimal performance. The speed and range might drop significantly. So, consider this factor too.  


You should be familiar with your riding style and your terrain where you want to ride your electric skateboard. It is important because regular electric skateboards do not perform better in rough or off-road terrain. To ride on these rough/uneven terrains you have to choose the specialist and the best off-road electric skateboard. These electric skateboards are equipped with modified or thick tires, motor, battery, suspensions, and many more additional features to conquer the off-road terrain. 


Finally, the budget is the most important factor that allows you to buy a cheap, moderate, or advanced level of an electric skateboard. So you should check what your budget is and what are the most appropriate and top quality options are available. After that start considering the other factors too.



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