Extend Your Living Space Outdoors With These Six Tips

October 21, 2020

So many people plan extensions to the kitchen, the basement, and to the attic, but have you ever considered extending your home into the back yard? We are not talking using a literal extension on the back of the house, but in building an outdoor space that will give you that outdoor living space you so want! 

Some people do this with the installation of an outdoor kitchen and even a hot pizza oven, others like to look into the different types of Zoysia grass sod that would work for your garden to beautify the space. Adding furniture to the new lawn is an excellent way to create a pretty outdoor living space, but you need to think of how you can cover the area the furniture rests to protect it from the rain. Adding to your garden will change the way your home is valued and it can give you somewhere to look forward to next Spring and Summer. If you want an alfresco room to add to your existing living space, here are six tips for achieving it.

  1. Furniture. Outdoor furniture needs to be weather-proof so you need to choose tables and chairs that will sit under a cover. You can buy cube furniture that fits together nicely, making it easy to store, too. In fact, according to Tim Clement & Brady Bartlett, it’s easy to enjoy new furniture when it arrives pre-assembled. If you ensure that you have the right outdoor furniture, you can really entertain people in a place that’s not indoors. Go one better with an outdoor kitchen and oven, and you will have the right kind of furnishing for your exterior.
  2. Low-Maintenance. Ideally, your outdoor living area should be easy to clean and maintain. You can go low maintenance with a patio or decking area that is easy to clean. This is something outside the house, so a pressure wash regularly will keep it clean.
  3. Cover. You can cover your outdoor space with an extension to the roof so you have an awning over the back yard. You can even choose something less permanent like a gazebo that is big enough to cover your furniture. A lot of people choose the temporary option of a gazebo until they buy a house, so if you are renting, go for something less permanent.
  4. Decor. Potted plants and statement statues, fountains and stonework can really make an outdoor living space stand out for your home. As with any statement piece, you should choose something that really captures what you want for your garden.
  5. Lighting. You cannot have an outdoor living space if you cannot see what you are doing. Mix the lighting options and choose things like fairy lights for the fences and bushes, outdoor lights that will come on as you move and something fixed to enhance the space softly. Evening lighting to help you to see while you are eating outside will be beautiful.
  6. Size. The size of the space you add to in your garden will depend on how much room you have to use. Measure up and speak to a professional to help.
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