What to Know About The Sport of Running

November 9, 2020

While it may seem that running is the most natural sport in the world, there are actually a variety of variations of the sport worth exploring. Most athletes who run will engage in one or more of the following forms of running. 


Road Running


Perhaps the most popular variation of the exercise is road running. As its name implies this sport requires nothing more than a paved road, dirt path or running track. It is also the most convenient type of running and many beginners will use this as the launching pad to begin other forms of running.  All that is required is opening the front door and heading on out at a steady pace – although comfortable clothes and dedicated running shoes are also a bonus. Visit the Orthotic Shop to find the perfect running shoes.

Treadmill Running


If the weather is bad, a treadmill can allow the athlete to run in the privacy of their own home. Running on a treadmill even has certain advantages to running in the great outdoors. For one, this type of running practice is much easier on the joints.

Modern treadmills have come a long way and can also allow runners to select their running conditions and path. The pace can be changed, an incline added and resistances can be simulated to keep things from getting boring. With modern apps, you can even participate in a simulated race. 



Running is great fun and good exercise, but the thrill of competition takes everything to another level. Races can be held on trails, paths, roads and tracks and carry on for any number of distances. There are 5k races, half marathons, full marathons and even grueling ultra marathons that cover over 100 miles and even more. 

Not everyone who joins a race today does so to compete for first place, many do so to beat their personal times and achieve new records. Many former couch potatoes will enter a race and become hooked on the sport. 

Trail Running


For those who love the beauty and motion of running coupled with the grandeur of the natural world, trail running offers thrills, relaxation and a chance to see the world in the best way possible. Trail running crosses terrains and landscapes of all kinds. As trail runners traverse deserts, mountains, forests and plains they will have to navigate their ways past roots, rocks, boulders, gravel and many other challenging terrain features. 

Track Running

Track running is designed for those looking to perfect a burst of speed. These events include the 50 yard dash as well as tracks of 100, 200 and 400 meters. There are also hurdle races and many other events. Training for a track run requires special attention to targeted speed work and does not focus on the same type of endurance required for a long distance event. 

Road and trail runners will often train on a track as the terrain is suitable and there is no fear of encountering traffic, cyclists and animals who tend to inhabit other areas. It is also easier to measure distances precisely. 

A track is also a good place for those who are training for races to set goals and achieve time challenges.

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