5 Personalized Decors That You MUST Have

November 13, 2020

There are tons of home décor and design ideas. Millions of niches to use. Anything you like and love these days. 

And what if I told you that you can personalize almost anything in your house. Or get already personalized stuff for your house? 

Personalized Canvas

Yes, you can make these with any city, add icons that you want, everything. Also, there is a guide on how to make your own canvas print, if you don’t like something with a city map. 

But why I am talking exactly about these? Because these can bring back some good memories. 

Either it’s a place where you grew up or got married. It can even be your childhood home, city, or anything. 

Actually – I have a map like this on my office wall of a city and marked the place where I meet my wife. Of a place where it all started. 

That’s cool, right? 

House Signs

It’s always great to have something like this. And why? So everyone knows who lives there. And also even delivery guys will see you from a distance. We all know that sometimes it’s hard to find the right address when you are receiving a package. 

It makes your house and all of your yard look better from distance. So you should definitely consider buying this if you are a house owner. 

Even better if you have your own ranch. 

Cutting Boards

This is not only a great house decoration and a helper in the kitchen but also a great gift for someone. 

From my experience, I made this and gifted this to my grandma as one of the gifts for her 80th birthday. She still loves to cook and does it really well. 

And let’s be honest here, it looks amazing. 

Personalized Blankets

Something like a custom photo blanket I discovered recently. I haven’t bought it yet, but that’s just because I have tons of ideas that I want to see on my blanket and can’t decide what to put on. 

There is this thing that you can upload any photo and it will create a mockup of how it would look when it’s made. So that’s an amazing thing because if you cannot see how it will look like, you order it and it comes completely the way you don’t like. 

It can also be not only as a great decor element but as a memory of something amazing. Like this example here in the picture. The baby will grow up, but the photos on the blanket will stay the same and you will always remember your little baby. 

Custom Welcome Mat

Imagine something like this on your front doorsteps. You will definitely get many compliments about something like that. It’s funny, it looks really good and it will put a smile on your visitor’s faces. 

Heck, even maybe on your face! 

So now you see, that you can get almost anything personalized. You just have to have some imagination about what you want and what are your ideas. 

Let me know if I can help out with some ideas of personalization. 


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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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