Top Ten Things To Do When In Denver Colorado

November 13, 2020

Denver, Colorado is a gorgeous city in the United States. Popularly known as the ‘Mile High City’, because it is exactly 1 mile above sea level. It is surrounded by astounding mountain ranges, clear blue skies, the South Platte river, and high plains. Being one mile above sea level, the gorgeous city is one of the U.S’ highest cities. 

The city has almost 720,000 citizens. When you look at a brief history of Denver Colorado, you will soon find out that the city was formerly known as one of the United States’ best gold mining towns. Once the gold dried up, the city continued to grow and eventually became the state’s capital. 

Today, Denver is known for its large-scale transportation projects, economic development, and tourism. For citizens and tourists, the beautiful and friendly city has loads of outdoor activities available that includes mountain climbing and skiing. Combined with delicious food, great weather, entertainment, and many museums, it’s a must-visit for all. 

For your next trip to the Mile High City, you can consider one or all of our top ten things to do:

1. Mount Evans

The gorgeous white mountain can be seen from the city. When you peer to the West, it takes up most of the view, which no one ever complained about. The mountain has an elevation of 14,271 feet and has been christened Colorado’s 12th highest peak. 

All visitors can enjoy the mountain and get some fresh air by either hiking up or taking a more comfortable drive. It features Longs Peak, Mount Bierstadt, and Pikes Peak. Visitors can enjoy a scenic drive up the Mount Evans route that does not have as much traffic. Even though the elevation is so high, the road is made with durable paving for a comfortable drive despite a few bumps along the way. Hiking up will take about 3-4 hours compared to the much shorter drive. 

Hikers can expect to see funny mountain goats, breathe in fresh air, and get some exercise from walking. In spring, you can be sure to see amazing and vibrant flowers growing along the mountainside. 

2. Botanical Gardens

The Denver Botanical Gardens work hard towards conserving indigenous plant species and natural habitats in which they grow. It is the perfect spot for a picnic or a late afternoon stroll. No matter the season, the garden has plenty to offer like a Japanese garden, fountains, tropical biosphere, and many benches to relax on. 

If you prefer eating at a restaurant, the garden has two noteworthy dine-in options. 

3. Molly Brown Museum

Molly Brown was a famous Denver citizen known for being one of the few survivors of the legendary Titanic. The big ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean in 1912 on its first voyage across the ocean. After she survived, she became an activist and popular socialite. The home is a quaint and quirky stop filled with photos and diary entries of her life pre- and post the tragic event. 

Guests can buy a few quirky gifts from the on-site gift shop. 

4. Larimer Square

Larimer square is one of Denver’s most iconic and historic areas that dates back to the early 1900s. During this time the city was built on the mining industry and it truly shows in the street’s design. 

You can enjoy delicious meals in family owned restaurants and do some shopping in the unusual gift shops. As an added surprise, visitors will be able to see the city’s first bank, bookstore, theater, and post office that were all located in the square more than 100 years ago. 

5. Air and Space Museum

For anyone interested in aircrafts, this museum is for you and your family. It is built on a huge 150,000 square foot ground. All crafts are placed within a circa that dates back to 1930 and resembles an air force hangar. 

It has over 12 spacecrafts and aircraft vehicles that includes the legendary RF-84K Thunderflash Parasite, B-18A Bolo, a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, and an Alexander Eaglerock. 

This is a great 3-4 hour outing for families with children, since the museum have educational guides where children can try out a few different apparatus for entertainment. 

6. Adam’s Mystery Playhouse

After a long day of strolling around the city, you can enjoy a delicious buffet meal at Colorado’s first mystery dinner theatre. Actors mingle around the guests’ dinner tables while giving away clues to the night’s mystery. It is a fun night filled with laughs, role play, and prizes. 

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Known for its gorgeous scenic views, Denver is even more beautiful from high up in the skies. Taking a hot air balloon ride over the city will give you the opportunity to view it from a completely different angle. Hot air balloon rides can ascend as much as 1,800 feet high, giving you and the family an amazing view of the city and its surrounding mountains. 

Check out the most iconic scenic overlooks the city has to offer here:

8. Children’s Museum

The Denver Children’s museum offers guests loads of fun interactive activities and experiments. Kids can enjoy the indoors play and experiment area for hours. Activities include climbing through mazes, working in the woodshop, buying groceries while acting as a cashier, as well as rocket launching and witnessing other fun scientific experiments. 

Founded in 1973, the museum has grown to become one of the city’s major attractions with over 350,000 visitors each year. 

9. Whiskey Tour

When your children are at the children’s museum, you can treat yourself to a Whiskey tour of the city’s favorite brewers, Stranahan’s. Using the purity of the natural surroundings, the company created a smooth and silky whiskey. You will learn all about making whiskey from distilling to aging. Finish the tour off with a tasting and a purchase of your favorite bottle. 

10. Stadiums 

For all the sport fans out there, Denver has loads to offer. Baseball enthusiasts can visit B’s Ballpark museum which features Bruce Hellerstein’s private collection of baseball memorabilia. The museum has been named one of Smithsonian Books’ top 21 ‘finest private baseball collections’ and luckily, the public can also have a sneak peak at it. 

Other sporty activities include a visit to the Invesco Field, the Mile-High Stadium, and the Coors Field. You can buy a ticket to a game or just enjoy a guided tour. 

Apart from our top ten things to do, Denver definitely has loads to offer its visitors and citizens. A perfect long weekend getaway to recharge and enjoy the fresh air that comes with its mountain surroundings. 

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