Top Tips for Installing Window Treatments

November 18, 2020

If you want to upgrade your house or add something that increases its value then there’s nothing better than opting for window treatments. Installing new windows in your house can work wonders for you and this investment can benefit you in the long run when you are thinking of putting your house on sale. But if you want to make your windows look more aesthetically appealing then you should start looking for window treatment installers right away. 


If you are on a tight budget and hiring a service provider make your wallet heavier then you can even opt for DIY window treatment installation. Especially if you have custom size windows in your house then you need to be ready to invest some time and effort in this process. The whole process of measuring windows and ordering and then installing the treatments demands quite some time. 


You being here tells that you do have that kind of time. If so, here are some useful tips you can use for installing window treatments; 


1- Keep your tools and hardware ready 

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have all the required hardware. It includes; a ladder, screwdrivers, anchors, measuring tape and a drill. Having all these tools by your side means that you won’t get distracted during the installation process and once you start working on it, you’ll complete it quickly. 


2- Read the instructions carefully 

Now is the time to open the box of treatments carefully. In other words, you shouldn’t use any sharp knife or any other sharp product that can damage the treatments in any way. After opening the box, put everything on one side to ensure that all the pieces you need are there. It can be exciting to see all the treatments but don’t dive right away and wait for things to settle down a bit. First of all, you have to go through the instructions carefully to ensure that you make no mistakes. The instructions aren’t usually that long but they do have the small important details that can make a big difference for you so don’t overlook them no matter what. 


3- Measure again and drill 

This is where you’ll have to use your measuring tape, ladder and level. Once you start the installation, make sure that you are putting the treatment in the centre just in accordance with the window frame. Some of the hardware and brackets come with pre-drilled holes so you should find that before and then mark those holes with a pencil before drilling. 


4- Always use the anchors properly 

If you aren’t opting for drilling into a stud then look for the right type of anchors for your wall and do consider the weight of your treatments too. You’ll be pulling and tugging the treatments several times everyday so you have to make sure that they handle the stress properly. This is why you should choose the anchors with great care. 


5- Ask for help

If this is your first time installing a window treatment and if it all seems too much for you then there’s nothing wrong in asking for help. Call a professional or an expert who can install the window treatments for you quickly. This might cost you a little but at the end of the day, it will save you a lot of time and it will definitely save you from all that additional struggle. 




These are some important tips to consider when installing window treatments. It’s no rocket science and if you just pay attention to the instructions, things can easily fall into place for you.

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