What Is “Cruelty-Free” Makeup And Why Should I Buy it?

November 25, 2020

Cruelty-free makeup has become a new trend these days. Many beauty bloggers and influencers are turning to cruelty-free makeup products. The question is “what exactly is cruelty-free makeup”? How do they affect your skincare regime? Well, many popular beauty and skincare manufacturers test their products on animals before launching them in the market.

Using animals to test the quality and effectiveness of the cosmetic product is not a new practice. In fact, many beauty brands test their products on mice, hamsters, dogs, and other animals every year. The alternative is to buy products that are not tested on animals. Here are some great reasons to switch to cruelty-free makeup.

It is cruel

Companies such as medusasmakeup.com that advertise their cosmetic products as cruelty-free do not test their products on animals. In other words, they claim not to hurt any animals in the manufacturing process.  They say that the creams, mascaras, eyeliners, and other cosmetic products did not involve animal testing.

On the other hand, if you buy any product that is not labeled as “cruelty-free” this means that the product has probably been tested on animals. These animals are tortured. Some of them are even killed during the process.

The worst part is that companies do not use pain control before using the animals for product testing. So, if you have been using beauty products that are not cruelty-free, you are supporting this inhumane testing process through your profiling power.

You will save money

A switch to cruelty-free makeup will not only help save animals, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Companies selling cruelty-free makeup products are generally budget-friendly. From cruelty-free eye cream to body lotions, you will find plenty of beauty products that are available for a reasonable price. The best part is, of course, they are not tested on animals.

Testing is conducted on various animals

The mouse is not the only animal that is subject to cruel cosmetic testing. Cats, dogs, and rabbits are also used during the manufacturing and testing of makeup. Can you imagine if your pet was subjected to this kind of testing? Manufacturers and suppliers keep these animals in the cages and they end up getting blinded and killed. If you are an animal lover, then a shift to cruelty-free makeup makes sure that you do not contribute to these inhumane practices, but instead encourage manufacturers to take a different approach.

They are safe

Contrary to what some people believe, cruelty-free products are safe. Just because they are not tested on animals does not mean they can harm you. In fact, they are safer than their animal-tested counterparts. Cruelty-free cosmetic brands feature safe and healthy ingredients. 

Generally, these products do not contain synthetic scents, parabens, carcinogens, phthalates, and other chemicals that can irritate your skin or be harmful your health. Although not a hard-and-fast rule, cruelty-free products are usually also natural and organic and therefore steer clear of these kinds of harmful ingredients. Additionally, there are alternatives to animal testing that still ensure that your cosmetics are safe to use. 

They are readily available

Many companies have already transformed into cruelty-free makeup manufacturing brands. You will find plenty of cosmetic and skincare products that were not tested on animals. In fact, retailers have started to fill their shelves with cruelty-free products. You could always order online if you are having a hard time finding the best cosmetic brand.

You can bring the change

By going cruelty-free, you can send cosmetic brands the message that you are against the cruel animal testing process. More than 100 million animals are hurt or killed during the testing process every year.

It is the best way to educate your friends and family about how the animals are hurt during the testing process. There are many cruelty-free alternatives to the makeup products you use regularly. Raising your voice against these brands will encourage your friends to embrace the cruelty-free trend. Many people will replace their current cosmetic brands with cruelty-free products.

Alternative testing methods are available

Companies that sell animal-tested beauty products have many alternative testing options. As far as safety is concerned, more than 7,000 cruelty-free cosmetic products have been launched. They are absolutely safe for your skin. Fortunately, modern technology has invented humane testing methods. In fact, animal testing is prohibited in many countries. To name a few, India, South Korea, New Zealand, Europe, and Israel have banned animal testing. They use kind and safe alternatives to test cosmetic products.

Every person that follows the cruelty-free trend is giving their contribution to making this world a safe place for all living beings. Not only will it help save animals’ lives, but a switch to cruelty-free make products will make you feel confident and better. So, why wait? Embrace this trend and boycott all the animal-tested makeup products. Do your research and find the best and cruelty-free beauty products.

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