Five Tips To Create A Greener Kitchen

November 27, 2020

To create a green kitchen, there are many elements to think about. Going green is about considering our habits and practices, and about making mindful purchases. Whether it is creating less waste, conserving resources, or ditching the toxins, let us take a look at a few neat ideas.

1 . Compost Your Food Waste

Looking to create a greener kitchen? Then it is time to stop throwing your food waste in the regular bin, and make a compost pile! Purchase a food recycling bin for your kitchen, and a compost tumbler to go outside. When you have finished eating, ensure that you put all your vegetable and fruit scraps into the food recycling bin. You can also add coffee grounds and eggshells. 

It is best not to put in fish or meat products, as these can attract pests in your garden. When you compost your food waste, you will reduce the amount of waste that you are sending to landfill, and improve your garden at the same time.

2. Water Saving Appliances

One of the easiest ways to create a greener kitchen is to ensure that you use water-saving appliances. Purchase yourself a water-saving dishwasher and a washing machine. Choose a low-flow tap, and an eco-kettle to conserve even more water. You can also look into using applications such as ‘Drop Counter’, to manage and reduce water usage throughout your entire home. 

While you are at it, don not forget to invest in energy star rated devices and LED light bulbs. With all the latest appliances you will soon create a stylish kitchen.

3. Green-Cleaners

Break up with the conventional cleaning products and invest in a few non-toxic cleaning solutions. A few of the top green-cleaning brands include Ecover, Puracy, and Better Life. All of these companies focus on plant-based materials, biodegradable packaging, and cruelty-free practices. If you prefer, there are lots of DIY cleaning options, including white vinegar, lemons or baking soda.

4. Natural Solutions

When it comes to your kitchen, try to keep things as natural as possible. When you are choosing decor items, consider using houseplants? If you need to buy tea towels or tablecloths, look out for earth-friendly materials such as hemp or bamboo. Use eco-paint when you need to spruce up your walls, and ensure plenty of natural light to keep the kitchen warm and cosy. Need a natural pest control solution for your kitchen? Try sprinkling diatomaceous earth across the floors. If this fails you’ll need to contact Exterminators Near You!

5. Shop In Season 

Creating a green kitchen is not just about the functions and aesthetics; it is also about the foods that you buy. When you are stocking up on food, it is far greener to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. It can be helpful to put a seasonal vegetable chart up on your fridge, to help you make earth-kind decisions. 

Lastly, it can be useful to plan your meals, to help you to reduce food waste. Planning ensures that you will have everything that you need (and nothing more), so that your food is less likely to go out of date!

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