Useful Hacks To Give Your Carpet A New Lease Of Life

November 30, 2020

Indoor carpets are incredibly durable items within any home. They get all sorts of them over the years, mud, grass, food, drink, and sometimes much more unpleasant things too. You name it! A long-term investment, carpets are cost-efficient, but what do you do when they become a bit grubby? If you are finding the carpets in your home are looking a bit dull, we have several useful hacks below to help give them a new lease of life! 

Remove Surface Dirt And Hair

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of cleaning your carpet or rug, it is always best to remove any furniture or appliances which might get in the way during the cleaning process. This allows you as much room as possible to go about your task. Once any furniture items are out of the way, getting rid of any dirt, dust or hair which might be on top of the carpet is the best thing to begin with. If you are planning on using some sort of steam or water treatment, this will prevent the dirt and hair from being spread around or getting stuck inside the equipment that you are using. Squeegees have become the unsung heroes of the cleaning world, picking up hair in an instant when used on carpets, rugs and other related fabrics. 

Tackle Stains

There are several hacks out there that you can try for lifting stubborn stains out of carpets and rugs, including using bicarbonate of soda, rubbing alcohol and shaving cream. However, if you are finding yourself at the point where you are running out of hacks to try, it might be worth considering the hiring of a carpet cleaning service near you. Most of these companies provide a multitude of services, from stain removal to full carpet cleaning throughout your home. Using a combination of hot water and steam extraction methods means that those stubborn stains will soon be lifted, along with any unpleasant odors that might be present also! 

You do not need to worry about any environmental impacts, especially if you are an eco-warrior, for companies such as Near Me Carpet Cleaning employ the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Perfect for those of you with beloved family pets to consider! To find out more about services like this if you have been searching for “carpet cleaning near me”, you can visit their website at Here you will find out about the way that the stain extraction works on carpets, and how they have no hidden fees or charges for their services. Here you will find out about the way that the stain extraction works on carpets, and how they have no hidden fees or charges for their services. 

Hacks To Prevent Future Stains

The most obvious hack for preventing mud and other things being dragged indoors, is by making sure that those entering your home use a doormat before doing so. Doormats absorb 85% of dirt which would otherwise end up on your carpets! If your house has a lot of carpeting in it, which you don’t want to be continually cleaning, asking people who live and visit your home to remove shoes once they have entered is also a great way of preventing any unwanted dirt from making its way into your home. Of course, accidents with food and drink do happen, but with caution and by using some of the hacks in the future, stains won’t be around for long! 

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