How To Prepare Your Home Before Professional Carpet Cleaning

November 5, 2021

Your Guide In Home Preparation

Carpets not only sustain warmth on cold floors make your house look glamourous. Keeping carpets clean is inevitably hard as floors get a lot of foot traffic. Dirt, stains and dust particles get trapped inside the carpet fibres making them hard to be removed. Despite your efforts to keep your carpets clean, something will eventually mess it up. Spills, children, muddy and dusty shoes are the leading causes of carpet dirt. 

Thankfully, professional carpet cleaners know what works when it comes to carpet cleaning. Nevertheless, you have a part to play in preparing your home before cleaners arrive. Preparing beforehand ensures that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Below are preparations you can do in your home before hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets. 

Eight Ways To Prepare Your Home Before Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Pre-Vacuum

It is advisable to pre-vacuum your carpet even though the cleaners will vacuum it. This is important because it saves time and also saves the company you have hired an extra step.

Pre-vacuuming the carpets will help remove dirt and debris. This is necessary because large debris can block or damage the equipment slowing the cleaning work. 

2. Pick Up Full-Length Curtains And Drapes

Since the curtains absorb moisture, you should consider folding them. You can either rubber band them, pin or even lob them up due to the heavy operations of the cleaning equipment. You should also do the same to furniture coverings and Wallcoverings if you have any in your house. Every piece of drape should be at least fifty centimeters off the ground.

3. Put Away Delicate Items

Any fragile or pieces of collections on display need to be cleared out of the room to avoid accidents. The companies train their experts to be extra careful but remember they are human. Accidents may occur. Thus, it is advisable to put your valuable and delicate items in another room. These may include glasses, coffee tables, side stands and porcelains.

Sometimes, you may not be able to move every delicate item in the room. Some are heavy or even fragile to lift. In such cases, notify the cleaners so they can be careful with it.

4. Move The Furniture

To ensure a smooth flow of service, you should move away furniture that blocks the way. This will give room for thorough carpet cleaning from all corners. Move all small furniture such as coffee tables, armchairs and stools to another room.

For the large furniture such as sofa sets, stands and cabinets, pull them to one area off from the carpet. 

5. Clean The Floor

Ease the process of cleaning the carpet by collecting any items on the floor or carpets. Cleaning the floor is essential for those who have kids. Mostly you will come across TV remotes, toys, books, pencils, craft objects and more. 

The cleaning machines are heavy duty. It will crash everything it comes across including those that may have fallen by mistake. 

6. Make A List

Before the professional cleaners arrive, ensure you have a list of how you want your carpet cleaned. There are some areas on the carpet that might appear dirtier than others. These include parts along the pathways. These areas most likely accumulated more dirt and debris than other areas in the carpet. Outlining such areas will make the carpet cleaners put more emphasis on them.

Some areas might be stained by food particles, pet urination or liquid spillages. Relay the information on the cause of the stain. The cleaner will know the products and equipment to use to remove the stains.

7. Put Away Your Pets And Vacate Your Children

Pets are too delicate and should not be exposed to heavy machine noise and detergents. The carpet cleaning machines can be too noisy which might scare the pets away. Children also can become an obstacle during the cleaning process as they are jumpy and curious moving from one corner of the room to another.

You can opt to move your pets and children to another room. You can also take them to a friend’s house, let them play outside or in the backyard or even organize a vacation for them on that day. This will provide a friendly working environment for professional carpet cleaners.

8. Clear The Driveway

Another preparation you need to make is sparing a parking lot for the carpet cleaning van before their arrival. A spot near the front door is more ideal for easier unloading of the equipment and carrying them inside the house.


Which is the best carpet cleaning method?

Steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method. Before contacting your professional cleaner, you can ask them whether they use steam cleaning. 

Which is best between dusting with a damp or dry cloth?

A damp rag is more efficient compared to a dry one. This is because the damp cloth uses capillary to suck up the dust particles. On the other hand, a dry cloth moves the dust particles around on the carpet making it less effective.

How effective is carpet vacuuming?

Vacuuming is a simple cleaning process that does not reach the innermost layers. But it is a great way to keep your carpet beautiful as a maintenance process. Since you cannot subject your carpet to deep cleaning every now and then, frequent vacuuming is necessary. It removes all the dust that may endanger your health or even destroy the carpet.   


Ready now to hire a professional carpet cleaner? Do not let them get you all mixed up and unprepared, because you will end up wasting a lot of time doing what you could have done beforehand. Furthermore, you want a clean job done on your carpets. Save money and time!

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