What you need in a Road Case

December 8, 2020

 You can spend a lot of money on the equipment you want to protect, so if building your road case cover costs a little more than a single suitcase or bag, it’s worth investing in protecting your equipment. Depending on whether you shape the case into a pocket or buy a molded case, you can also spend less to build it yourself. 

Even if buying a case at the best price may not be the main reason for choosing a particular case, you should not worry. There are less expensive cases that offer adequate protection, although they may be smaller and require more disassembly.     

The brands on the market are known for reliability, high-quality construction, and attention to detail. 

There are a lot of options on our DIY road cases website, so just shop after what you like, for the best price and the best quality for your needs.     

While the cost of rackmount suitcases may discourage some musicians from forking out the extra money, the damage to your equipment can easily outweigh the cost of the suitcase. In many cases, insurance is included to guarantee the value of your instrument in case the device is damaged. 

The full weight of the system is taken up by the inside of the base, and it is necessary to include four locking mechanisms on the housing to even load when fully loaded. You can also add wheels to the suitcases, because they weigh a lot when full, but can also be driven around. Industrial barrels are also strong enough to carry your equipment virtually anywhere. 

These hard sleeves can be supplied in a variety of materials, and you can even customize the sleeves with ribbons and logos. These little things make for a high-quality shelf case, but they are not the only option.     

By purchasing a high-quality rack mount housing, you can improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your studio. One of the main reasons for buying a case with a racket is to organize and protect your equipment. 

In particular, the Lidmaker extrusion profile can add a lot of height to your housing, so make sure you consider that first. A 30mm egg box or convoluted foam can fit very tightly and holds items in place, but 50mm is also available if you want extra security. Denser foam (EVA or similar) provides more support, does not deform too much, and is used for load bearing parts. 

Once the housing is secured, it is not a bad idea to tape the hinges off to ensure that they do not come loose during transport.     

It houses a lightweight transit case that offers comfort, mobility, and sufficient protection, but looks like a real getaway case and is not designed to withstand roadie rage. Speaking of cases that are reused for heavy objects such as amplifiers, beware, as the sidewalls may not be strong enough to withstand large impacts. It is a case of ‘re-use’, not the other way round. 

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