Crucial ways of investing in the Stock Market with limited funds as Illustrated by Michael Giannulis

December 8, 2020

One Misconception about the stock market is that you need a considerable amount to begin. Stock investing is associated with the wealthy class. It has resulted in making novice investors abstain from investing at the initial stage. They wait on the sidelines to save some money before beginning their journey in the stock market. Recent surveys reveal that you can start the investment with a minimal amount. For this, you have to be cautious about some key areas. You must give due attention to some key areas that will assist you in making a sound investment.

Pay attention to some vital stock market mechanisms suggested by Mike Giannulis

  • Get to know your investors: Be clear about your financial goals. What is the purpose of your investment? Is it for earning money or a retirement plan or a corpus for children’s education? Your goal will define the type and timeline of return. Along with its assessment of risk tolerance is equally essential. It will help you to select the right kind of stocks. Moreover, the calculation of the investment horizon is another aspect in this regard. Based on the investing horizon, you may choose the investment option, which can provide you with reasonable returns


  • Learning the basics: No one is an expert in the stock market. Before making investments, you must understand the factors that influence stock performance and market fundamentals, says Mike Giannulis.


  • Give attention to your savings: saving money seems like a roadblock; however, it is simpler than you ever imagined. All you need to do is create a budget regarding your monthly expenditures and the savings you make.


  • Begin slowly: investment is a long drawn process which requires you to stay energetic throughout. You have to take the right steps to give it the much-needed boost at the right time. Try looking for stocks that fall within the ambit of your budget and thereby find the best options. As you begin to understand the market and save money, it will help you develop a stock portfolio. Do not make hasty decisions.


  • Penny stocks: penny stocks are those shares which are available at low prices. It does not mean that they are not lucrative. These rocks are available at a lower price because there is insufficient demand for them. It is the best option for investors with limited resources to opt for them. Hence, they are the first choice for novice investors.


  • Diversify: Many people think that diversification is not for all-time players. They purchase stocks based on mere speculation. Along with these, you must avoid emotionally drawn decisions. Many stock investors encounter losses because they let their emotions govern the buying-selling decision. Hence, you must analyze data and facts for holding on to quality stocks.

For novice investors, various platforms will help them with information regarding stocks enterprise. However, not all information is reliable. To take an informed decision and invest your hard-earned money in the stock market, the point mentioned above needs due attention and careful calculations.


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