Effects Of Gemstones On The Human Body

October 30, 2019

Every planet in this universe offers both positive and negative impacts on our bodies. The favorable and adverse effects depend on nature, strength, and astrological circumstances and transit. The nature and location of a planet in a specific house of the birth horoscope play a vital role. In order to relieve the adverse side effects of any planet or to boost, or to promote its favorable or positive results or to enhance or improve the specific positive qualities in the person who is wearing it, the experts suggest making use of gemstone. 

A gemstone possesses the capability to absorb all the influences of that planet, particularly the unfavorable or negative impacts. Thus, gems play a significant role in saving a person from several undesirable effects, things, and events that are caused by a malicious planet. So, without any doubt, gemstones are boon to the human being. Every gemstone possesses specific properties that favor the wearer and save him or her from specific bad influences of a particular planet. For instance, ruby is one of the most famous gemstones that belongs to the planet Sun. 

In this article, I will discuss nine productive, highly useful, and unique information related to the effects of gemstones on our bodies. I will cover the most productive gem of every planet. 

I have gathered all this information from the pundits, gemstonists, and experts of gemstones. These experts have years of experience, opulent knowledge, and expertise in this field. According to these experts, it is scientifically proved that all these gemstones are famous for providing efficient. Moreover, these gems are also proved to be effective in providing safe astrology treatments for hundreds of problems. Most, if not all, of these problems, occur in our diverse segments of life, caused by the related planets. 

Remedies From Gemstone Astrology 

Although, there are various effective gemstones for every planet. Few of them are beneficial, and because of their benefits, these gemstones are considered to be the best. Below in this article, I have mentioned some of the best gemstones for all nine planets of Hindu Astrology or Vedic. It will also cover there most common and unique beneficial traits on our body. 

  1. Ruby, the Gemstone for Sun: One of the most magnificent gemstone for Sun is Ruby. Ruby helps us in achieving fame and prominence, spirituality and virtues, motivation and passion, determination and courage, and victory in our life. The qualities that are improved through using this gorgeous red gemstone are determination, strong will, spirituality, leadership and independence.
  2. Pearl, the Gemstone for Moon: Pearl is the best gemstone of the moon. They are excellent for enhancing and improving friendliness, emotional stability, mental strength and peace, inner and outer beauty, feelings of contentment, marital bliss. 
  3. Red Coral, the Gemstone for Mars: The best gemstone of Mars is Red Coral. This gemstone improves and imparts boldness and courage as well as the compulsory insights to help you conquer enemies. 
  4. Emerald, the Gemstone for Mercury: Mercury’s most effective gemstone is Emerald. Emerald offers its wearer the strength such as mind control and alertness, skills to communicate well, creativity and innovations, improved memory as well as distinctive intellect. 
  5. Yellow Jupiter, the Gemstone for Jupiter: The most effective and superb gemstone for Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is famous for improving wisdom and intelligence, compassion, ability to do right judgment, ability to communicate, and the like. It also helps in bringing forth specific abilities of the wearer. Because of these qualities and capabilities, the wearers of Yellow Sapphire achieve promotion and success in many professional careers, achieve desired profits in their businesses, financial prosperity, and all the possible luxuries and comforts in their life. 
  6. Diamond, the Gemstone for Venus: Diamond usually represents the planet, Venus. Diamond is the most glamorous gem which is globally distinguished and famous for boosting capabilities. These capabilities include artistic qualities, attractiveness, allure, longevity, general good luck, victory over enemies and competitors, peace and serenity, social reputation, grace, and fame. 
  7. Blue Sapphire, the Gemstone for Saturn: This one is the eminent gemstone for Saturn. Blue Sapphire is famous for enhancing and creating calmness, endurance, good luck, practicality, intuitive foresight, the elevation of social and professional status, balanced detachment, wealth as well as prosperity. 
  8. Hessonite Garnet, the Gemstone for Rahu: The Rahu is known as the significant shadowy planet, and it is represented by Hessonite Garnet. Hessonite Garnet is one of the most miraculous gemstones. It is hugely admired for its qualities like helping the development of uniqueness and originality, deep sense of discrimination and clarity, and outstanding social and occupational reputation.
  9. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, the Gemstone for Ketu: Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is the most effective gemstone for Ketu. Ketu is another excellent example of a shadowy planet. Chrysoberyl promotes and establishes good insight for discrimination and good judgment, better work focus, mental peace, grasping skills, and reduce uncertainties and doubts related to daily life and occupation. 

To relieve the adverse side effects of any planet, especially the shadowy planets or to take advantage of its favorable or positive results, the gem experts and Gemstonist across the world suggest making use of gemstone.

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