7 Best Playlists on Spotify for Student

January 5, 2021


Every student has experienced the bittersweet pain of being overtasked, unable to meet the tight deadlines, complete all the assignments or prepare for the upcoming exams. Nothing to say about the creepy feeling, when you simply cannot join that very gathering as you are stuck at home with textbooks and notes. While you might feel desperate, never forget about the healing power of music. Music has a way of affecting our mood and state of mind. Furthermore, by listening to the right piece of music, you can stimulate your learning and memorizing abilities.

Spotify gives you a chance to create your own playlist. However, it also offers you personalized, editorial and listener-made ones. Editorial playlists are crafted by genre, lifestyle and culture specialists from different corners of the world. Based on your listening habits and preferences you can easily select the music of the moment. On the other hand, if you are starting your career on Spotify, purchasing Spotify followers will make your tough journey easier and more successful. The more followers and music plays you have on Spotify, the higher the odds that your artwork will be added to the popular playlists.

As Spotify offers students Spotify Premium for a special price ($4.99) I would like to introduce you  7 best playlists to make your studying process easier.

  1. Intense Studying – This playlist includes 257 focus-enhancing piano songs written by such geniuses as Johann Sebastian Bach or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Music researchers agree that lyric-free music can have the best effect on your brain to stimulate studying. This playlist is crafted by the Spotify team. Elegant and balanced melodies are replaced by upbeat tempo and contrasting mood. It helps you to relax and to stay focused, at the same time.
  2. Acoustic Concentration – another highly-advised playlist for students, created by Spotify editors. It includes 61 pieces of instrumental acoustic guitar music. You can enjoy the synchronized glissandos of world’s prominent contemporary guitar players such as Antoine Dufour and Tommy Emmanuel.
  3. Rock Classics – for some people lyrics-free music simply does not work. Their brain is accustomed to multitasking. Therefore, they feel more energized and focused when they listen to energetic delivery of vocals and soul-touching lyrics. If you identify yourself as such a person, feel free to increase the audio volume and dive into 145 inspiring rock songs, from Queen to Led Zeppelin.
  4. Best Rap Playlist of all time – never underestimate the power of hip hop music. Many researchers conclude that rap assists our brains to better organize received information and improves our cognitive performance. The beats and rhythm of rap songs directly affect our mood by increasing our stress resistance. Even Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, used to listen to rap to tackle career ups and downs. Eminem’s 2002 hit “Lose Yourself” and JAY- Z’s “My 1st Song” are among his favorites.
  5. RapCaviar – if you are looking for the collection of most recent fire hip-hop songs, this playlist will be the exact match. Hip-hop culture is associated with self-expression and characterized by positive impact on mood. Thus, it can perfectly help you to cope with the challenges and get yourself well-prepared for the upcoming exams.
  6. Gold School – one more outstanding collection of hip-hop music, including some relatively less-known artists and vintage tracks.
  7. This is Leonard Cohen – Leonard Cohen’s music is something else. It is filled with poetry, soul, sensuality and unforgettable emotions. This type of music reduces stress level and helps the brain and muscles to relax. Get your headphones, close your eyes and listen to the masterpieces such as “Dance Me to the End of Love” or “You Want it Darker”. Especially,  if you feel like you need a little break from your studies or an inspiration to complete your essay task. 

From classical to instrumental, from rock to hip-hop – music is linked with memory and emotions. It improves brain functions and cognitive abilities. Cautiously selected music has the power to reduce test anxiety and ease students’ stress. So, stop being sad about missing the party. Pick up the playlist depending on your mood and preferences, grab a cup of coffee and keep on studying. 

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