Designer Handbags as an Investment: What People Should Know to Get Started.

January 15, 2021

Among the enthusiast and collectors, handbags are considered one of the best investment entities. Reliable sources and publications have also conducted studies in which it was found that handbags returned better profits than artworks and unique whiskies. The term investment can never be related to stability, and the risk factor increases even more when people start investing in things that they might use, and which may go out of trend.

Officials from strong fashion industry backgrounds stepped up to make the situation clear about whether people should invest in luxury handbags or not. According to the fashion marketplace experts, handbags and investments have always belonged together. They stated that handbags have always maintained their position as the in-trend item and because of it investing in them is not risky as some may believe. The best bags to buy for investment purposes should belong to reputed brands and designers.

Designer handbags are proper financial investments as they can return significant profits when their owners go out to sell them in the future. Some people view designer handbags as wardrobe investment as well, and through it, they justify the high prices they pay to acquire them. Wardrobe investment is when people buy expensive items and use them for many years down the road, making their price seem more meaningful.

Selecting the best designer handbag for wardrobe investment can be a puzzling task if people are not aware of what to look for; fortunately, people can start picking the right bags instantaneously by knowing a few tips. For choosing a timeless bag that can look relevant in the upcoming years, people should follow a few points. The first thing is regarding the shape, which according to the experts, should be square or rectangular as they are considered the classics of the handbags industry. Unique shapes and designs might come into the trend for a while and tempt people, but their relevancy decreases drastically after a short time. Classic shaped bags always stay relevant due to which people can carry them confidently even after multiple years of use. The next thing which should be focused upon is color. Brown, Black, and beige are the colors that come highly recommended by the experts as they can complement many outfits easily. Lastly, the bag’s material also plays a vital role as the longevity of the bag is dependent upon it. Leather handbags have been known for their durability, due to which experts suggest buying them over other options.

As it has already been stated, handbags as a financial investment result in hefty returns, but to make sure that individuals invest in the right bag, they need to conduct research. People should research the valuation history of each bag before making a purchasing decision. The first thing which people should settle upon when they start the investment process is the budget. The budget for investment in handbags can fall anywhere from two hundred and fifty dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars. After the budget, people should look up what articles from which brand are in demand and fetch good prices.

If people are looking for long term investment, they should purchase limited-edition handbags as they are desirable even a decade after their release. After buying the right handbag, there is one thing that people must care about, and that is the condition of the bag. Collectors and enthusiasts are known to have splashed astronomical amounts on bags that were in mint condition. Scratches and wear can decrease the bag’s resale value, so people should follow a few points to keep them in the best possible shape. For maintaining the handbags in mint condition, they should be stored in dust resistant containers or bags, and they should be kept away from sunlight and wet places. Lastly, proper tools and liquids should be used to clean them. By following these tips, people can safeguard the resale value of their handbags.

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