The Best Ways to Get Rid of Tension

January 18, 2021

The Prospect Of Tension in a Household Never Goes Away
There are many types of tension. When you exercise, you have tension in your muscles after the fact, and while you’re doing reps. When you’re at work, there is tension between coworkers, management, and clientele. In society, there’s tension between governing authorities and the people. How do you get rid of it?

First, prioritize. What tension do you have control over? You can’t control what makes your boss angry, you can’t control the machinations pushing society, and you can’t even control how fast you age. But you can control health to some degree, your home, and your closest interpersonal relationships.

In this article, we’ll cover notable ways to ease tension in your day-to-day life and in the home. Likely, you’ll never be able to get rid of all of it. These things come in waves throughout our lives, and those waves never stop. But you can do much to mitigate the impact and clear your mind so that tension doesn’t prompt you to make so many bad decisions.

Give Yourself a Time Cushion So You’re Flexible
If you’ve got to be at work by eight in the morning, and you’ve got to drive five miles to get there at city speed limits and during morning rush hour, it could take you a half hour to get there. So give yourself an hour—unless you’re in a sleeping community where there is no traffic, then maybe a half-hour will do.

Essentially, you don’t know what you might forget, what little chores may need to be done, whether you’ll encounter a train blocking the road or a traffic accident, or if you’ll have vehicular troubles on the way in.

So say you’re in the habit of blazing out of the house ten minutes before and pulling into your office right by eight to clock in within a minute of being late daily. That’s a recipe for disaster. It’s like living paycheck to paycheck rather than disciplining yourself to squirrel away a few dollars every month. You’re always going to be tense because you’re always on the edge of failure.

To get around that, give yourself a time cushion. So you’ve got to be at work by eight. Get up at six and leave by seven. You can incorporate the chores you usually do on the way home, or if things get hectic, your cushion provides flexibility. When you’ve always got a time cushion, you’re able to hit targets more accurately. You’ll have fewer unexpected situations derail you. This is going to help you get rid of a lot of tension.

A Good Night’s Sleep, and Maintaining Health
If you’ve got children or a spouse, and you’re only sleeping five hours a day, you’re gradually accumulating sleep debt which manifests in stress. Stress ages you. This will be experienced by you and the family in the form of emotional outbursts that are even more draining. You need a good night’s sleep regularly, vitamin supplementation, and balanced exercise.

According to some notable research by the staff of This Old House, sometimes the issue you’re dealing with has to do with the mattress you’re using. Couples don’t always have the same needs, and when they’re sleeping unequally, there is likely to be some sort of conflict. Find what’s giving you trouble as far as sleeping is concerned, and fix that issue.

The Metaphysical Angle: Fulfilling Your Insides
The body needs rest and nutrition. But the mind needs some form of relaxation as well. Owing to the internet, news cycles, general difficulties in life, accidents, and personal imperfection, the minds of mankind in modernity tend to act like an engine at its highest RPMs continuously.

You need to find ways of giving your mind rest. That may mean a vacation. It may mean listening to relaxing music. It may even mean just sitting on a bench and watching the sunset. Spirituality fulfills this need in people across the world; though not all spiritual pursuits are conducive to tension reduction. You need something where spiritual burdens are light.

Regardless, finding some way to relax tension through metaphysical, spiritual, mental rest is key. Even if you can just take one day a week and ignore the hustle and bustle, it will do wonders for you.

Maintaining A Stress-Free Reduction Of Tension Continuously
Fulfill the needs of your mind, give yourself a cushion, rest well, and assure your body is being taken care of in a nutritional sense. If you can do that, you’ll very likely see tension reduction over the long-term.

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