Shower Cannabis Gifts on Your Loved One this Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2021

The pandemic outbreak has disrupted our lifestyle. With people following social distancing, sanitization, and other rules in public places, one can confuse themselves with the right idea about spending Valentine’s day with their loved ones. Whether you stay in the comfort of your home or go out for a fancy dinner, a cannabis gift can surely mesmerize your partner.

Below are a few ways to surprise your other half by gifting them with these unique cannabis-themed gifts.

Vape Pens

While going for cannabis vape pens, you can opt for dry herb vape pens, concentrate vape pens, wax vape pens, and oil vape pens. You can even opt for disposable vape pens. The advantages of vape pens include their ease of use and medicating discretion without the cannabis smell. Moreover, vaporizing is easy on your lungs than smoking. Therefore, vape pens are a perfect cannabis gift to celebrate Valentine’s day in an accurate stoner way.

A Cannabis-Related Book

If your stoner loved one is a book worm, a cannabis activist, or a cannabis researcher, a cannabis-related book is an ideal gift for them. Suppose they always yearn to learn more about cannabis products, history, legalizations, or scientific research. In that case, you can go a step beyond to keep them up to date on the recent publishing on cannabis. Moreover, you can even opt for an online addition. Couple this gift with a pack of CBD assorted gummies, and you are good to go!

A Cannabis Flower Box

Welcoming your other half with a bouquet of roses is mainstream. So why don’t you opt for cannabis flowers and buds to surprise them? Put all the buds and flowers in a box, and decorate the box with a simple ribbon and Valentine’s Day sticker. This will surely take them by awe. There are many online sellers from where you can order. You can easily browse to see which weed sellers operate in cannabis Alberta areas.


Gifting accessories is one of the most thoughtful ideas. Since our grinders and other accessories are subject to wear and tear, choosing to gift cannabis accessories is an ideal alternative. Add grinders, cones, filters, rolling papers, metal pokers, and so on. Moreover, you can add a set of pre-rolls and buds to set the mood. A pre-rolled joint or blunt can give newbies a smooth and evenly burning joint. You can opt for a top-notch kush that slowly and evenly burns at reasonable rates. Furthermore, add pipes, bongs, hemp wicks, and vaporizers if your partner likes smoking with these items.

Assorted Gift Hampers

You can couple many products to make an assorted hamper. Choose CBD chocolates, tinctures, gummies, CBD oil, hash, and so on. Such a hamper mostly depends on the likes of your partner. Curate a hamper with all the CBD products that your partner likes and astonish your partner.

Choose a gift that your loved one will love, and a cannabis-themed gift is a perfect one for the stone couple. You can add whichever items your loved one likes, and you will create a gift within minutes.

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