Four Exciting Driveway Redo To Captivate You

February 8, 2021

One of the world’s nicest feelings is to go home and relax after chaotic, tiring work. To make sure of this, you need a smooth, seamless transition from a day’s job back into your own rooms at home. Parking your car with ease is a breeze. Be welcomed with a relaxing view surrounded by clean shaped shrubs and concrete driveways Dallas as you come forward to your house.

Driveway resurfacing is one of the most overlooked chores in one’s properties. In places like Texas, where sand and sun often hits the ground, the outdoor floors need serious dusting off. If you are in a coastal area like LA, the solid steps need to be tough against storms and heatwaves. 

Most of the time, owners only pay attention to the interior. You need cool and exciting ways to get inspired, beautifying the entryways and enhancing their curb appeal! Read on today’s post to captivate you once again and give the facades and entrances their needed attention.

1- Etching for the Exquisite Properties

Etching is an old technique that improves a plain, dull driveway. This technique uses acid-etching that engraves a pattern on the concrete. The use of acid solutions had created a debate on whether etched driveways are still cool to have. Acid poured on a cemented surface produces inconsistent outcomes. 

The solution is to only have an experienced concrete installer etch the driveway surfaces. Etching the concrete driveway is quick and simple. It creates a washed pattern giving lighter tones over the driveway steps. 

If done with precision and accuracy, the etching technique also repairs gritty surfaces. It melts the milky or limey particles on the concrete slabs. This technique is also the most effective way to prep the concrete if you add more creative designs on its surface. See next in our list for more ideas.

2- Engraved Driveways

Engraving is a sure way to have fun designing your concrete driveways. If you like to redo the old concrete, you can pour a new overlay of cement on it. Then, to retouch the way it looks, you can engrave patterns. The technique used here is similar to stamping. However, you will not need to use a rubber stamp. Engraving uses sophisticated tools to “etch” or mark patterns on the fresh concrete mix. 

The best part about engraving is that the patterns last for a lifetime. You will not worry about the designs fading or discolorations. Simple, linear patterns can simply add appeal to standard driveways. You don’t need to leave the outdoor cement as it is. You can style it the way you want.

3- Sealed and Stamped

Stamping is a driveway resurfacing technique that has been around for decades, but does not get old. It stays on top among other outdoor flooring enhancement. 

Stamped patterns are a great way to layout a natural look on the outdoor floors. Concrete stamping is what owners use to translate neutral stone and slate patterns on the exterior concrete. A seamless stamp design is best for creating seamless transitions of your outdoor properties. Stamping patterns create a unified look to shift the driveways to your patios and into the backyard of your home.

Finish the stamped concrete driveway with concrete sealers. Why do I need to seal concrete?” you may ask. It gives you many benefits. One is high-resistance and waterproofing. 

Sealing the driveway also extends to your garage floors. This serves as one solution to many areas in your properties. There are cooler ways that epoxy garage floor Austin expert installers can tell. You can see them and discover facts and tips using epoxy floor coating as an economical choice for your floors.

4- Driveway in the Night with Captivating Accents

Finally, after you have resurfaced the concrete floors in your driveways, you can mingle with other materials to create more fascinating patterns on the surface. Turn now your attention when the night comes. The driveways do not only look good by day. Did you know the driveways will look more remarkable when the sunlight is out and LED lights are in?

Yes, you got that right! Create captivating steps when you build LED lights lining through tout the edges of the road. It serves two purposes. One is for safe driving and seamlessly turning your vehicles at night. This prevents accidents. Second, it sets a mood to calm you as you and the guest drive the bay towards your premises. 

Wait! There is more! 

Below listed are other accents you can add on top of another to completely put you in awe as you redo the driveway. Try adding materials such as:

  • Wooden panels for enclosing the LED lights.
  • Grass steps mingled with aggregates sealed with a concrete coating.
  • Light patterns reflected on the surface, adding a residential epoxy floors Atlanta GA vibe with resin floor coating for a glossy surface.
  • Cool solar LED lights with auto-ON once the sun sets, it captures your heart as you go home with light turning on, especially for you.
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