Five Steps For Setting Up A Vacation Rental

February 11, 2021

Do you live in or near a popular tourist destination? If so, you might be thinking about turning your apartment, traditional rental, or cottage into a vacation home for tourists? Renting out your space to travelers or those on holiday is a great way to make extra money. Many people prefer renting a private home instead of a hotel because of the additional space and privacy.

Before listing your property on a rental site, however, there are few items you will want to take care of to help you prepare. We will outline five essential steps you should take to get your home ready to list:

Purchase Quality Cookware And Dish Ware For The Kitchen

Purchasing quality cookware, dishware, and accessories for your kitchen is an important first step. Not only does it show that you care about your property and your guests, but high-quality items will hold up well to being used by multiple renters. When you are looking for cookware to purchase, go with a brand such as Made In Cookware. Individuals who rent your property may not treat your cookware and accessories with the same care you would, so you want to choose something that will fare well and stay in good condition for the next set of renters.

You should make sure that your cabinets are stocked with cups, plates, bowls, silverware, and standard cooking utensils that people will need. This will ensure they are able to cook and eat their tasty meals in your kitchen and will also make it more likely that they will leave you higher reviews, which could encourage future bookings.

Buy Extra Linens

Next, be sure to stock up with some extra linens. In addition to making sure you have enough towels and sheets for one set of renters, think about having a full spare set if you don’t have much turn-around time between different guests staying at your property.

Also, guests could spill something and need additional towels to help them clean up their mess. As you think about purchasing linens, be sure to buy hand towels for the bathrooms, washcloths, and kitchen towels.

Get A Lockbox

A lockbox is a way to give guests access to your property without requiring you to meet them with the key when they arrive. With a lockbox, you can leave the keys to your property safely locked away and only provide the code to guests before they arrive. You will be able to change the code periodically to ensure past guests can’t access the property.

Another alternative to a lockbox is to install locks with a keypad on your doors. This would have the same benefits as a lockbox, but you would not need to worry about the physical keys getting lost. You would also be able to change the codes periodically or even have a separate code for guests and yourself.

Find A Cleaning Service

Unless you plan to take care of all the necessary cleaning between renters, finding a cleaning service you trust is also a good idea. Find a company that is flexible and does not require you to schedule too far out in advance. This way, when you get a booking for your property, you can call and schedule a cleaning for the day your guests will be departing.

Make A Good First Impression

Finally, think about the first impression potential guests will get of your property. You will likely be posting pictures on a rental listings’ website, and you want potential guests to be interested in what they see. Think about freshening up the décor, purchasing updated comforters, or hanging some artwork in your space to appeal to guests and encourage them to book with you.

We hope our suggestions have helped you identify a few of the critical steps you should take before listing your property as a vacation rental. Select one item from the list to start with and soon your property will be ready to list.

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