Vacation Rentals In The New Normal: What To Expect

June 15, 2021

The vacation rental industry has been through a lot in the last year. Every owner suffered a loss, and some were even forced to shut down. Thankfully, the worst is over, and things are looking up. With widespread vaccine rollouts and easing travel restrictions, hope seems just around the corner. But as the industry inches towards recovery, it becomes vital to foresee the future and gear up for the new normal. Pandemic or no pandemic, guests value the best experiences, and they are enough to bring them back again. Here are some trends that vacation rental guests and owners can expect to see in the post-pandemic times:

Hygiene Will Be The Top Priority

The cleanliness standards in the industry (like all others) have seen an uptick after the pandemic. Cleanliness and hygiene are the top factors on a visitor’s checklist as they book a property for vacations. They expect high-end cleaning and safety protocols such as surface sanitization and extra buffer dates between bookings. Owners need to think beyond offering spotless spaces and focus even more on safety. It is equally vital to showcase the measures to drive confidence in guests. Once they trust the rental for going the extra mile, they will return and bring referral business as well.

Contactless Solutions Are Here To Stay

Contactless technology is here to stay because touch is the biggest risk factor for the spread of the virus. Vacation homes need to invest in contactless solutions to capitalize on the trend. Facilitating online booking is the best place to start because it is the only way visitors want to book these days. Implementing vacation rental keyless entry systems with tools like Operto is a good idea. These systems safeguard the property from the virus and threats like thefts and break-ins. They also make things a lot more convenient for guests and owners as they need not worry about losing the keys any longer. Contactless payments are another feature that vacation owners must offer as a part of the “new normal” in guest experience. 

Flexibility Can Boost Recovery

Another trend that will prevail in the vacation rental landscape in the coming time is flexibility. Owners will have to do their bit for potential guests by providing flexible booking and cancellation policies. Penalizing them for canceling or not showing up does not make sense in such unpredictable times. The virus may hit back anytime, and no one can be too sure about travel plans. Travelers will be more conscious of cancellation fees when they book vacation rentals. They are likely to skip the ones too rigid with cancellation and pre-booking timelines. An additional fee for canceling is also a turn-off. Making a comeback is all about being empathic and easing things for the guests.

The new normal for vacation rentals will be different, but keeping pace with these trends will make the transition easy for the owners. Guest experience is the mainstay of recovery and revival. Delivering the best one will get business flowing back again as usual.

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