How To Infuse Travel Experiences Into Your Home Decor

February 11, 2021

If you are a regular traveler, then you probably live out of your suitcase. You have the frequent urge to move between different parts of the world. Nonetheless, no matter how much you roam, you will always need a safe haven to go back to after the trips. Your house or apartment is your sanctuary, somewhere you can go back and relax. However, you need to make your living space look and feel unique. To make it feel like a globetrotter’s home, you need to incorporate your travel experiences into your home’s interior and exterior design.

If you are someone who always travels far and wide, then your home might feel like a pit stop where you freshen up and refuel before moving to your next destination. On the other hand, if you value it as your private oasis, you should put in extra effort to make it unique. Use all the memories in your head from all the places you have visited. Create an interior design that looks like a gallery of your travel experiences. You can get outdoor living space ideas on your travels and create a backyard and patio that looks like your favorite resort. You might need a few things, including souvenirs, photographs, and anything that reminds you of your travel. Here are some ideas you can use to create an awe-inspiring travel-inspired home living:

● A Magnificent View

Whether you prefer the African savannah, lush forests filled with wildlife, or very high mountain peaks, then a 3D mural wall is something you should consider. Getting one with a view installed in your living room will bring a breathtaking motif into the design. Think about somewhere that had the most impact on your life. Make that image the view in your bedroom or living. You will be reliving all the memories related to that adventure. Consider using a personal photograph to have a custom made 3D mural wall created for you.

● Treasures On Your Shelves

Souvenirs and other treasures found shopping abroad are among the things you commonly bring back after traveling, besides the memories. All of these items you bring back deserve to be appropriately stored. One of the best ways to relive your memories is by adequately displaying them. How you plan on showing them is entirely up to you, but you can choose between two different options. You can decide to use wooden crates or industrial-style shelves to create beautiful spaces for displaying items from your trips.

● Create A Wall Gallery

You might love the murals or you might not like or be able to afford one. That does not mean you will not be able to integrate your memories into your house decor. If that is the case for you, you can consider creating a gallery wall to fit your personal preferences. You can integrate different paintings and scenic photos of exotic places with a common theme to create a beautiful aesthetic inside your home. The best way to create this is by using photos with different styles on their framings or other formats that create a gallery wall with a logical effect. Ensure the theme shows mainly traveling and places you have visited before. You might be wondering what a gallery wall is. It is a space conveniently situated in a house to bring back different memories of the previously visited places. Therefore, you should include postcards, picturesque vibes, and several other things that impacted your life one way or another.

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