Staycations: The Next Best Thing To Travel During The Pandemic

February 11, 2021

Stay at home orders have been lifted in many parts of the world, but the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. As such, pastimes like traveling are still strongly advised against. For someone who loves to take trips, holding off on travel plans is challenging. While you do not want to put yourself or anyone else at risk, you long for the feeling you get when you escape everyday life. Fortunately, you can create this experience at home by planning a staycation. 

What Is A Staycation? 

A staycation is essentially a vacation at home. It is when you take a break from your daily routines and relax, recharge, explore, and have fun without leaving your hometown. Though this might not sound like a good time, a properly planned staycation can be just what you need to feel better despite current times. 

Planning A Staycation

Before you rule staycations out, give it a try. Here are a few tips to help you have the best experience:

  • Create A Relaxing Environment

While you will not be checking into a hotel or resort, you can create that same environment at home. Pulling off the perfect staycation starts with setting the tone. Make some adjustments to your home setup or decor to give the feeling of being in a new space. 

Buy a new comforter and sheet set for your bedroom, clean your house from top to bottom, buy candles, linens, and other luxuries to enhance your living space. If you plan on spending some time outdoors, update your backyard to include things you enjoy. A nice seating area, a cozy fire, and a beautiful view can make all the difference. 

  • Stock Your Kitchen

When you are on vacation, you like indulging in some of the finest cuisines the area has to offer. Instead of spending a ton of money on takeout, stock your kitchen with items you need to create some of those things at home. Buy a new coffee machine and your favorite brand of caffeinated or decaf coffee, order meal kits for a few days so you can try new recipes, and fill your pantry with your favorite snacks and sweet treats. Do any meal prep or planning in advance, so you don’t have to work so hard during your staycation. 

  • Find Activities

While a significant portion of your staycation will be about relaxing and enjoying the moment, you should also incorporate some fun activities. You will be surprised by how many affordable yet fun things there are to do at home or in your city. Think about something you want to do or try, then figure out how to create this experience. If you are planning on staying at home, you can plan a spa day, schedule time to lounge outdoors, watch movies, play games, or work on a hobby. If you do not mind venturing out, then you can visit a museum, art gallery, go shopping, or participate in community events like festivals, carnivals, and other exciting activities.

  • Set The Date

Once you have ironed out the details above, the next step is to set the date of your staycation. It should be a period where you can take your focus off your responsibilities and enjoy yourself. If you are working, put the time in with your employer. Also, tie up any loose ends on projects, so your time is not interrupted. If you need a break from the kids, find a sitter to watch them for a few days. When that day arrives, do your best to treat it like a real vacation, avoid answering calls, volunteering for tasks, checking in on the office, and other daily activities.

It is a bummer that things like travel are not safe during the pandemic. While your health and safety should come first, there are ways to create a travel experience while you stay at home. With a bit of planning and some scheduled time off, you can enjoy a few days away from the norm as you recenter, recharge, and have a good time. 

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