Are methadone clinics better than those that use suboxone?

February 12, 2021

Methadone clinics find a broad representation in popular culture, TV, and movies, but the truth is the average person doesn’t have much information regarding them. That is why it might be nerve-wracking for someone looking to undergo methadone treatment for drug addiction. In the following post, we have unraveled the mystery of methadone and the clinics that use it for opioid addiction treatment.

About Methadone

To understand the differences between methadone and suboxone, it is vital to know more about methadone. This is a long-acting analgesic from the opioid family and is, in reality, synthetic opium. First synthesized due to an acute shortage of painkillers, methadone acts similarly to morphine without the addiction. Over time researchers found enough to prove to start using methadone as a part of the arsenal for MAT or medication-assisted treatment for addiction.

Methadone treatment and suboxone/naltrexone are usually prescribed by licensed rehabilitation facilities like methadone clinic Yakima, allowing a drug-user to wean off opioid usage gradually. A methadone clinic for users of opioid drugs to recover from the clutches of addiction without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone clinics can be both private and public, but the requirements are the same for both. Here is what you can expect at a methadone clinic.

Initial examination

A comprehensive physical examination under expert supervision along with documentation

Pregnancy services

Policies are in place for the unique requirements of pregnant patients.


Periodical assessment to devise a treatment plan, recovery progress, and release


Counseling, both group and personal therapy sessions to assess the social and psychological stressors and coping with them

Mandatory drug testing

Patients can expect at least eight random tests per year per patient after the commencement detoxification plan.

These are the basic minimum services that every methadone clinic provides compared to any other MAT clinic form.

When do you need methadone treatment?

Methadone is the leading drug to treat opioid addiction. You should start looking for a Virginia Beach methadone clinic if you are a regular user of any of the following.


Codeine is a part of several cough syrups, and when broken down in the liver, it yields active morphine. It produces a mild high with sleepy feelings of pleasure but is highly addictive. It can lead to several health problems, irregular sleep patterns, loss of appetite, motor functions, and IBS.


This is a schedule II opioid analgesic. Over-the-counter oral tablets can quickly release the drug along with the suppository and injectable forms available on the streets. Oxymorphone is a common choice for beginner opioid thrill-seekers.

Hydrocodone and Oxycodone

These two closely related compounds are among the significant causes of overdose-related deaths in the past decade. Since the addictive potential is unknown in several quarters, physicians continue to prescribe the drug in some instances compounding an already massive problem.


Morphine usage can rapidly spiral out of control, and the only check-in place is the strict regulatory laws around the manufacture and distribution of the drug. Still, it is available in the IV drip form, leading to several associated infections and viral diseases.


The most potent and the deadliest of the lot, with over 86% usage coming from America’s urban areas. Heroin abuse leads to physical deterioration and severe health issues within weeks. Heroin de-addiction can be one of the most challenging undertakings.

Signs that you need help

Here are the signs that will tell you it is time to look into methadone treatment for your opioid addiction.

Inability to stop

Most people seek professional help after trying to quit on their own and failing repeatedly. If you are feeling helpless and experiencing an acute inability to stop, don’t wait anymore.

Repeated use even with health issues

Addiction is more than a simple hobby. Despite health issues, your habit will demand effort and eventual use. If you are unable to stop even with health issues, you need professional guidance and care.

Life issues

We understand that there can be social and personal issues that can lead to addiction. There are other ways to improve your situation – better ways and much “lower-risk” ways.

If you are obsessed

People with addiction live life in a cycle. “Score” and use! Every time you use, you revert to step one, and this is one of the worst cycles to fall into.

Risky behavior

Drug usage can lower your firewalls around what is illegal or not. Individuals can resort to stealing and illegal ways to obtain drugs. Risky behavior can also lead to incremental dosage past the limit of tolerance. If you are treading the OD territory, it is time for you to get help.

Understand that addiction doesn’t develop overnight, but you need help if you can spot a pattern. Seek help immediately and take care!


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