Stay alert to detect these signs that indicate some illness in dogs

July 17, 2021

Pet owners become so much familiar with their pets’ behavior that whenever they notice anything unusual, they become alert as it can be a sign of sickness. Since dogs or cats cannot express their health problems and feelings, closely monitoring their behavior to identify any behavioral changes is the only way to keep a tab on their health. Since dogs’ body language is quite expressive, it should not be challenging to spot abnormalities and then talk to vet online to seek advice. The sooner you can detect health problems, the faster the cure will be because vets are now offering telemedicine.

Here are some signs that should warn you about some impending health problems of your dog.

Changes in personality

Behavioral changes in dogs are signs of some sickness that the dog might be suffering from. Whether it is experiencing pain or not feeling well, the dog’s behavior will bear enough hints about it. Your otherwise social dog might suddenly become withdrawn or lethargic and spend most of the time sleeping.  The aggression and spontaneity vanish, and if you observe that the dog reacts sharply to touching a specific part of its body and starts growling, it can be a sign of pain or some other discomfort. Some dogs might behave in a completely different way when they are sick and tend to show signs of increased neediness or become clingy. If the dog snaps at you, be sure that it has some illness.

 Weight loss without reason

If your dog loses weight, monitor the weight for a few weeks to ascertain if the trend continues or the weight becomes steady at some lower point. In any case, you must try to discover the reason for the weight loss because unexplained weight loss indicates some serious problems. Unless the dog gets excessive worked out or is on a diet, there should not be significant weight loss. Similarly, if the dog suddenly starts putting on weight, it is a sign of some health issues. There might or might not be any symptoms related to the weight loss or gain. Preparing homemade dog food comes with more benefits to both you and your dog. You could be able to identify what’s your dog eat the most.

Elimination issues

Dogs with proper training will never defecate or urinate at any place around the home except at the spot they have been trained for. Changes in the dog’s defecating habit or if it has difficulties in passing urine which results in altering the urine volume, means that the dog is suffering from some sickness. Usually, older dogs suffer from such problems, and excessive urination is a sign of kidney problems. Loose stools and bloody urines indicate serious health problems, and you must immediately take the dog to the vet. If the loose motion persists for longer than 24 hours, then you should consult the vet.

Loss of appetite

When the dog loses interest in eating and drinking and moves away after sniffing the food without eating, it means that something is wrong with the health. Even if the dog consumes less food at a stretch for some days, call on the vet to seek advice and understand the seriousness of the problem.

The same kind of behavior displayed in drinking water means that the dog is sick and needs treatment.

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