Kindergarten: How To Choose And What To Pay Special Attention To?

September 25, 2023

Socialization is an integral part of our life, and it begins with the sandbox, with acquaintance with peers. An important step in a child’s socialization is visiting a kindergarten, where children learn to navigate the world around them playfully. But parents have a task: to choose a kindergarten that their child would enjoy going to. But how to choose?

Choosing a kindergarten is a very painstaking task that should be undertaken in advance due to the long queues for a place in kindergartens. So, here we will discuss some main points such as:

  • specialization;
  • territory;
  • and location.

Now, let us find out how to choose the best option for your children.

Why Are Parents Afraid Of Leaving Their Children In Kindergarten?

Firstly, do not be afraid to entrust your child to someone else’s “aunt”. It does not matter whether you choose a private or public kindergarten, employees in preschool institutions are experienced certified specialists who know how to handle a group of children. But if you have any fears, your child will also feel them, which will greatly complicate the process of getting used to the team. 

Discuss your concerns with the head of the institution, and with the educators themselves. Also, you can turn to the best portal for parents with your worries and find all the answers there. 

What Options For Choosing A Kindergarten Are Suitable?

Think about what is defining for you.

Proximity to home

Yes, it is important, because you will not have to wake up the child early in the morning and get there in crowded traffic.

The territory of the garden

If possible, take a walk next to the kindergarten during the walk of the pets of the chosen kindergarten. Is it safe for children to move around the area? Are the grounds equipped for active leisure? Do educators follow the children and take an active part in the walk? And in general, do you like the area near the kindergarten? Is it cozy and tidy here? Focus on inner feelings, because your child will see this landscape every day, and therefore it is important that he is surrounded by beauty and harmony.

The condition of the room inside

Take a look at the kindergarten from the inside. Bright corridors and cozy corners with exhibitions of children’s drawings and works will tell you more about the kindergarten than an audience with the head of the institution.

Kindergarten specialization

Additional circles have become quite common even in state institutions. Choreography, drawing, artistic creativity, and swimming (if there is a pool on the territory of the preschool) are the most common special courses that can be offered to your children for additional attendance. But keep in mind that usually additional circles are paid in addition to the total payment. Find out about the amount of payment and about the groups that are available in this or that kindergarten.

And now – the most important thing – get acquainted with the selected options for your baby. Of course, the decision is up to you. But actually, the child will spend several hours in this facility. 

Tell about the advantages of kindergarten and group games in a way that is accessible and interesting for your child, get your child interested in visiting an educational institution, make up a fairy tale about the animals that studied here, come up with a fantastic story to make the process of getting used to kindergarten easier for the child.

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