February 17, 2021

Today, an increasing number of women choose to purchase a Kaftan, either as leisurewear or to dress up for an occasion. Kaftan is a clothing item that is mainly popular in the Middle East. It is a long “robe” or a “tunic” that reaches the ankle.

There are many stores online, and offline that sell the Kaftan for women, but one should consider other factors such as quality, cost, and material before investing in it.

Kaftans are gaining popularity because they go well with the bohemian trend that has recently found its way back into the fashion scene. They were usually worn as beachwear, but nowadays, they are also worn as hot weather garments.

Kaftans have become a staple for all seasons. They have become the new definition of both elegance and chic because there are varieties fit for special occasions and casual events alike.

How to find the perfect Kaftan:

Kaftan for women is available in various types of fabric, different patterns, and prints. Kaftans can lend one elegance worthy of a princess or a cool summer look. They satisfy the needs of women with varying preferences; ones who love classy and chic looks, and the others who are drawn to more casual and cooler looks.

Some may want to buy a Kaftan to spice up their wardrobe while others may be looking to gift one to the precious woman in their lives.

Regardless, a guide to help with the purchase is always welcome, and if one is looking for a style guide, look no further! Given below are some tips and tricks that will help one buy the perfect Kaftan. So read on!

  • Size and Fit: No one size can fit all body types of women. Everybody is beautiful, no doubt, but a kaftan needs to sit perfectly on the body for it to look flattering.

Hence, it is always better to look for a kaftan slightly looser than the person’s actual size to allow for a better and comfortable fit. There are also belts available that one can pair with a kaftan to make the waist look more defined.

  • Finding the right fabric: This is entirely up to the consumer because this depends on the occasion one plans to wear the Kaftan. Flowy floral fabric usually is lovely for an unofficial or a very casual event or date.

When paired with the right kind of accessories, it can transform the complete look! For more regal and traditional events, silk, rayon, georgette, or even satin kaftan for women are the best options. It makes the individual look beautiful and elegant.

  • Matching the right tone: Without a shadow of a doubt, all skin tones are beautiful, and every woman has the choice to wear any shade, any color. But certain colors make certain skin tones pop so with every item of clothing you purchase, choose a flattering color. Colors also indicate moods, so bright and warm colors are apt for summery activities while cooler tones would suit events like evening parties.
  • Find the right length: There are both short and long Kaftans available in the market. There are kaftan lengths that cater to all needs as shoppers buy them based on the occasions they plan on wearing them too.

A cute mild blue kaftan of medium length paired with some nice black leggings will be the perfect look for both work and a casual dinner date. A long silk or rayon kaftan would be perfect for a more formal event.

Tips to look fabulous in a Kaftan:

A beautiful kaftan paired with the right accessories and bags/shoes can change up one’s whole aura. As a kaftan is a loose fit, a small compact bag to accompany it is usually preferred to balance out the harmony.

A small bag for a casual event and a clutch purse for a formal party will look stunning. Nude heels paired with a floral print kaftan is a look to die for.

Of course, it is certainly not advised to pair a long silk kaftan with wedges or a silver pair of high heels because one might end up ripping it at the bottom if stepped on. Apart from a bag or shoes, accessories such as elegant jewelry, a sleek watch, can switch up the style and spice up the look quite a bit.

Kaftans help one stand out from the crowd, and the flattering silhouette imparts confidence to the women wearing it. The Kaftan is the perfect choice for any season, any time of the day, any occasion, and most importantly, for every woman.


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