Making Effective Press Release

February 19, 2021

Basically a press release is a news. But, unlike news in general, press releases have specific goals. Thus, press releases are indeed “not ordinary news”. The objectives of a press release, among others, are: to provide new information (products, promotions, policies, decisions, etc.), to clarify a matter, and to form an image (companies, institutions, and individuals). The following are ways to make a press release right on target:

Target and Media Identification

The press release maker must identify to whom the press release will be delivered. All of the identification of these “media maps” will make the purpose of creating a press release easier to achieve.

Press Release Contents

A good press release, first of all, has to be clear and catchy. It is clear in terms of the information provided (numbers, sequence of events, names of competent sources, good and effective grammar, straightforward paragraphs) and interesting, in terms of the problems presented, and writing techniques.

Press Release Format

Press releases should be made in hardnews format or with an inverted pyramid system. (The most important news elements are at the top of the paragraph, and the bottom contains additional information). With this format, it makes it easier for the media to trim without losing its essence if the press release is considered too long. Many companies forget about the format. It is important to respect the media format. Companies should just follow the rule to get their PR published in their media. So, submit it with high respect to the guideline that every media has given to your company. 

Delivering a Press Release, does it need to hire press release distribution service?

Press releases can be delivered by sending directly to the intended media, holding a meeting (press conference) or a combination of both. Things to watch out for: the time for the press meeting / conference. If there is a press conference, it is better if it is not long in the morning and competent sources will definitely attend. In certain circumstances, an agency sometimes has to issue a press release and may not invite journalists. In this condition, the most important thing is that the press release is sent several hours before the deadline for the media and it is confirmed that the media has received it. If you want to deliver your PR in right media, you need to hire best press release distribution service. It will be so effective if you also do research on media outlet they offer. 


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