The Benefits of Having a Wool Quilt

February 20, 2021

When you think of Australia, you may fill your thoughts with kangaroos and koalas, and wide arid lands. However, not many people know that Australia is also a continent filled with sheep. Australia is one of the world’s largest wool producers and captures 25 percent of the world’s wool industry. Australia has a large sheep population, with the number of sheep outmatch that of Australian residents by three to one. Because of its large sheep industry, Australia has become famous for its high-quality Australian wool quilt


The Benefits of Having a Wool Quilt


Wool quilts are great covering when sleeping, especially for areas that have temperate to cold climates. Aside from providing you with comfortable sleep, wool quilts will also give you the following benefits.


Lightweight. Australian wool is very light and will not weigh you down during your sleep. Likewise, the Australian wool texture is very fine, which makes it feel good on your bare skin. 


Dust Mite Repellant. Wool does not hold moisture. Lanolin, the natural grease found in wool fibers, is responsible for waterproofing the wool, preventing moisture from building up. Because of wool’s waterproofing property, dust mites, molds, and mildew will not have a suitable environment to breed in. 


Hypoallergenic. Since wool creates an unsuitable environment for molds and dust mites, people who use wool quilts will not suffer from allergic reactions. 


Anti-static. Australian wool quilt also has an anti-static property, which means that it does not attract electrically charged particles such as dirt, lint, and dust. You may easily clean your wool by allowing it to air regularly. 


Fire Resistant. The lanolin wax that coats wool fibers keeps the natural moisture content intact. Because of this property, wool quilts will not easily catch on fire. This property may be useful in case your home encounters a fire emergency. 


Thermoregulation. Wool quilts are designed to be breathable while capable of regulating the body’s temperature. This thermoregulating property of wool quilts allows users to be warm during cold weather while leaving them cool during summer nights. Wool quilts are ideal sleep covers for people who experience night sweating


Eco-friendly and Sustainability. Wool is biodegradable and will easily break down when properly disposed of in landfills. Likewise, wool is a sustainable and renewable product. Sheep will produce a new set of fleeces yearly. Sheep farmers can shear a sheep once a year to get its wool. Likewise, when you invest in a high-quality wool quilt, you will not feel guilty because the farmers did not kill the sheep during the fleecing and shearing processes. 

High-Quality Sleep. Because of all these wool quilts’ properties, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleeping hours will increase your chances of reaching blissful sleep as you reach the REM stage of deep sleep. An average of eight hours of sleep will only give you 1 to 2 hours of REM. However, studies show that people who sleep with wool quilts get significant increases in their REM sleep stage. 


Australian wool is made from sheep that were farmed using sustainable production of the highest quality. So, if you desire to get the much-needed sleep that you need, invest in an Australian wool quilt.

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