Should you do professional pest control before moving into a new house?

February 23, 2021

Pests are so creative in finding their ways inside homes that it is almost impossible to find homes that do not have some pest infestation.  You could perhaps put up with the nuisance of pests for some time as long as you are ignorant about its presence. But, the moment you become aware of pests at home, act fast and seek the services of some professional pest control in Louisville KY that can drive away from the pests effectively and relieve you of the nuisance.  The reasons for pests invading our homes are almost the same as that of humans preferring shelter, food, and warmth besides using the place for breeding and rearing families.

It might be a pipe dream to keep homes pest-free because preventing pests from entering homes is more like wishful thinking. Pests that seek refuge at homes can sneak in by using various entry modes that might not seem obvious and we usually overlook.  Most pests’ size works to gain access to homes through the smallest possible holes located at the most hidden places. Even the smallest hole is large enough for pests to use it as a gateway to enter homes. However, some pests like mosquitoes can enter homes through open doors and windows. It is impossible to prevent its entry. Calling a mosquito exterminator company will keep homes free from the biting insects that survive on human blood.

Before moving into a new home, it is advisable to do a professional pest control service to protect your home from many common pests discussed in this article.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be a big concern because of the troubles they can create, making your life miserable. Bed bugs can sneak into your home in the most unsuspected manner and pose health hazards for you and your family. Bed bug infestation might be hard to get rid of because none of the over-the-counter products or home remedies are sufficient to counter the threat. Only a professional pest control service can assess the intensity of the problem and respond most effectively to free your home from dangerous pests. Since bed bugs have a high rate of reproduction, the numbers and quickly swell into alarming proportions. The more you delay the action, the more problems you will invite. Early detection can break the life cycle of bed bugs and prevent them from becoming a menace.


One of the most commonly found pests, cockroaches, come in various sizes with an average length of 2 inches except for tropical cockroaches, which are larger. Cockroaches are winged insects, and some species can only fly across short distances only when compelled, while most prefer creeping inside homes.  Many cockroaches are seen at different places, including the American cockroach, Madagascar hissing cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and many more. Poor housekeeping is indeed one of the reasons for cockroach infestation at homes. Cockroaches find homes attractive because of the abundance of food items and make it home to multiply the numbers rapidly. 

Cockroaches can enter your home by hitching a ride on items already infested with the pest. It can also enter through the gaps and cracks in walls and floors and the sewer pipes. Some species can take flight inside homes attracted by the lights.


Adult ants come in various shapes and sizes, but each would belong to the groups of workers or males and queens that form the caste structure of the pests. Queens lay eggs in the colonies, and the other group of female ants is workers, which are wingless ants that maintain the nest, gather food, feed the larvae, and defend the colony but do not have any reproductive power. Male ants have wings, and their only purpose is mating with the queen ants during the swarming process.

To keep ants away from your home, you must carry out pest control services periodically, and every program is unique to the situation you face.


Out of 2000 different species of termites, the US is home to 40 species. Termites look similar despite having different characteristics according to the type. Termites can damage homes and property by turning concrete, wooden structures into dust, and you must work out a customized pest control plan to fight the infestation. Various treatments are available to fight termite infestation and ensure that the pests do not come back again. All homes can be happy hunting grounds for termites.

Rodents carry the highest health risks as it can carry many diseases and it has high contaminating powers for foods that it accesses. Therefore, being harsh on rodents with timely pest control treatment is the best approach to keep homes free from pests.Call professional pest control experts to get the best results.





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