Tips For Finding A Reliable Locksmith In Chicago, IL

February 24, 2021

Anytime you use the service of a locksmith, you expect such services to be rendered professionally. So, you should choose an experienced and reliable locksmith. Over time, there have been cases of locksmith scammers working in big cities such as Chicago, IL. 

This is because it is always difficult to get hold of a scammer in this big city after poor work is rendered. So, knowing how to avoid fraudsters is crucial. No one wants to be a victim of business fraud; therefore, we will discuss how to find a reliable mobile locksmith in Chicago, IL. We hope this article will serve as an informative guide on what to do.

These are five important tips that could be helpful when looking for a reliable locksmith in Chicago, IL:

1. Do Adequate Research Regarding Local Locksmith Companies

You can inquire from your friends and family members, or even neighbors who they employ when they need locksmith assistance. You could also ask your housing agents and other contractors such as the painter, plumber, or electrician if they know someone reliable. A first-hand experience is usually the best consultation.

Additionally, you can check out locksmith companies online. Ensure you read their customers’ reviews and testimonials. This will help you deduce whether the company is reliable or not. At times, even this is not enough. You may want to check to know how to check whether a customer review is genuine or not.

2. Contact The Locksmith To Verify Their Business Information

The next step to take in finding out whether the business is genuine or not is to confirm the company’s address and other contact information. Check if the company has its contact information on its website, then call to be sure their location is genuine.

This may sometimes not also be enough because a reliable business should have a physical location. So, if possible, visit the physical site of the company and ask more questions. You can find some questions to ask here:

3. Check Their Van To Confirm Important Contact Information

Ideally, a reputable locksmith company will have a van or truck with its company name printed boldly on it. The van serves to transport locksmith tools as well as ensuring they at arrive your destination in good time. 

The phone number on it should concur with the one on their website and other advertorials. In cases where the company has no van, you can contact them to confirm why it is so, for the sake of clarity.

4. Find Out If The Company Is Licensed 

A trustworthy and professional locksmith will show you their license before rendering any service to you. This is done to verify their authenticity and prove that they have the basic training to handle the job. In a case where they refuse to display or offer their license or any other documentation upon request, it is a clear sign that they are fraudsters and do not have the qualifications.

In many cases, the mobile locksmiths may request your ID as well as other documents to prove that you own the vehicle. They ask for this means of identification to confirm if you are the owner of the vehicle before they offer their services. They could also offer you an authorization form to fill. This form will include:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Your address
  • ID number
  • The services you requested for
  • Signature
  • Date

This is a general procedure that requires compliance. However, it is important to go through the form to know exactly what you are signing.

5. Collect An Invoice For Services Rendered

After the work is completed, ensure you collect a duplicate of the invoice. It is a document that serves as proof of what is paid for. The document should be an itemization of the type of services rendered, the cost of any item that was purchased to carry out the job, and the cost of labor. 

You may want to click here to know more about the importance of an invoice. Sometimes, your insurance provider might need this document. 


There are many locksmith companies in Chicago, IL. Since it is a big city, it might be easy to fall victim to fraudsters. Considering our tips for finding a reliable mobile technician will prove to be a helpful tool for you.

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