Tips To Hide Spare Keys For Emergency Time

June 20, 2023

You have probably been there: locked out of your house at the most inopportune time and having to call a locksmith to help you get inside. Apart from calling a locksmith in Chula Vista, a spare key is an easy way to ensure you can always gain access to your home or business. So what are some of the ideal places to hide spare keys for emergencies?

Here at Diego’s Locksmith, we have compiled helpful tips to hide spare keys in case you are locked out of your house.

  • With A Neighbor

If you have a next-door neighbor you can trust, you might want to ask them to guard your spare keys. Should you find yourself locked out of your home or office, you can simply call them or pop next door and get your spare key.

  • Fake Dog Poop

This is a perfect hiding spot for your spare keys because no one will truly pick up something that looks like dog poop to see if it’s real or fake. Find a spot on your property where the fake dog poop will blend in naturally, such as near landscaping or in a garden bed.

  • In The Doghouse

A doghouse that is kept outdoors is a clever and inconspicuous spot to hide your spare keys. Moreover, most burglars will not risk getting bitten in an attempt to search for keys in the doghouse. Place the keys in a discreet area that is not immediately visible upon entering the doghouse.

  • A Fake Hornet Nest

There is no burglar who would ever want to risk getting stung by a hornet in an attempt to look for spare keys to your home. Hornet nests naturally deter people from approaching, making it an unlikely place for someone to search for a key. Purchase a realistic-looking hornet nest at your local home improvement store and hide your spare keys in it. Find a spot around your property where the fake nest will blend in naturally.

  • Stone Safe

If your garden is filled with stones, you can consider using a stone safe to conceal spare keys. Look for a stone that closely matches the appearance of other rocks or stones in your yard or garden. Make sure you seal the compartment securely to protect your keys from the elements.

  • Fake Sprinkler

This option works well if you have installed a sprinkler system in your home. Fake sprinkler heads are almost indistinguishable from real sprinkler heads. Moreover, burglars are unlikely to look around your yard in search of a fake sprinkler head.

Where Not To Hide Spare Keys

Some of the worst places to hide spare keys include:

  • Under the doormat
  • In the mailbox
  • Under a potted plant
  • In a flowerpot by the door
  • On top of a door frame or window ledge
  • Near the front door

These are obvious hideout spots used by many homeowners, and burglars are familiar with these spots.

Trust Diego’s Locksmith For All Of Your Residential, Commercial, and Auto Locksmith Needs

Perhaps you have lost your keys and you are looking for a dependable locksmith in Chula Vista to help you with key replacement, or maybe it is time to change your residential locks. No matter what your locksmith needs are, you can trust the expert locksmiths at Diego’s Locksmith to get the job done right.

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