2021 Fashion Trends: Shield And Visor Eyewear

March 2, 2021

Necessity often influences fashion, and 2020 introduced a new form of necessity. Face shields that became commonplace throughout the last year have led to a new trend in eyewear — shield-style sunglasses and visors. Many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Bella Hadid, show this eyewear’s potential to create striking, fashionable looks.    

Streetwear Meets Protective Eyewear  

Unlike past trends where small-profile glasses dominated the scene, bigger is now seen as better. With cues taken from established protective glasses and goggles, designers twisted the look enough to make them chic on the street. 

Designers took different approaches to make the style their own, creating a wide selection for consumers to choose from. There is sure to be something out there to complete the look you desire.  

Some sunglasses promote feelings of déjà vu by including distinctly vintage colors and curves, while others look like they are coming straight from a futuristic movie. This style’s surprising versatility means there is a fitting pair out there for everyone, regardless of style.   

The Luxe Look For Sports  

The application of shield and visor sunglasses does not end with fashion. There is a real function in their design. Those with a soft spot for the 1980s will love the throwback look and wraparound style of these shades.  

The wraparound effect and large lenses specifically make them ideal for athletic activities because they protect the eyes from the sun at all angles. That is something the large profile of D-shaped lenses cannot ensure. The last thing anyone wants during a game of beach volleyball is for a rogue sunbeam to make them whiff a spike. 

The shape of the lenses alone will not be able to enhance your performance. The coating and tint on the lenses need to be taken into account. Some coatings are better for depth perception, while others are better at reducing glare. Some anti-fog coatings are more resilient than others under intense use.   

The Best Brands On The Trend

Naturally, the top brands on the market contributed their own takes on the trend. The variety provided in such a seemingly constricting style contributes to their success. Brands from Oakley to Gucci added their spin to the eyewear.  

  • Oakley– It should come as no surprise that Oakley took to the shield style. Their history with performance eyewear makes them a natural fit. Most of their styles go for retro-vibes with rimless lenses and lightweight frames. They also make their glasses easily compatible with prescription lenses. Browse Oakley prescription sunglasses online.
  • Dior– As with most of the other glasses on the list, Dior went for fashion over function. What may surprise is the hyper-futuristic look of their Addict1 model. The geometric shape paired with mirrored lenses leaves a lasting impression. 
  • Prada– Prada is turning heads with their shield glasses by fully adopting the vaporwave aesthetic into their designs with great results. Wearers carry the sunset around with them wherever they go.   
  • Versace– There is no shortage of options with Versace’s shield sunglasses. If you are looking for a more subdued style to wear with many different outfits, they have many models that add class without clash.
  • Tom Ford– The visor sunglasses reach both ends of the spectrum regarding creativity. You can find the muted tones and tints suitable for everyday wear and the mirrored box frames guaranteed to make a statement. 
  • Gucci– The trademark red and green stripes make Gucci’s design stand out. They successfully incorporated the branding on some of their visor sunglasses.    

Which Is Right For You?

Visor and shield eyeglasses are easily adaptable, so it is unlikely they will fall out of style anytime soon. Incorporating them into your fashion now means you can be one of the trendsetters amongst your friends. Find a pair to help define your style this year.

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