Auron Bottle: The Self-Cleaning Water Bottle For Travelers

March 5, 2021

Every traveler knows that a handy reusable water bottle is on the top-5 list of travel essentials. 

A trusted bottle will keep you hydrated on long flights, it packs easily, and it keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours. 

But not all reusable bottles are the same. I recently found out that most bottles are filled with bacteria. Even if you wash them, studies have found that they develop a biofilm of bacteria that is super difficult to remove. This is what gives your bottles that musty smell after a while. 

When I learned this, I had to retire my old bottle and switch to Auron. Auron Bottle is a self-cleaning UVC water bottle, meaning it cleans itself and its contents using UV light. 

This guarantees a 99.99% level of water purity AND prevents that gross bacteria film from developing in your bottle (no more dank bottle odors!). 

I love Auron for all of its applications for travelers (I will get into that below). 

If you want to check out Auron for yourself, head over to Kickstarter to pre-order their newest bottle. If you order now, you can get 60% off a new Auron Bottle and get guaranteed shipment before travel season starts!

Auron: The Best Water Bottle For Travelers

Auron goes with me whether I am headed to Europe or the convenience store. Here is why:

60-Second Purification With UV Light

Auron’s most impressive feature is that it cleans itself, and your water, with UV light. UV light is an all-natural disinfectant. It is the same light that comes from the sun and gives you a tan at the beach. 

UV light is deadly to microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, and even viruses like COVID-19. No matter what is in your water, Auron can turn it into 99.99% pure and delicious drinking water in 60 seconds. 

You can actually watch it work via a high-tech touchscreen on Auron’s lid. Just tap the lid twice, and you will see a 60-second countdown begin. When it is finished, your water will be some of the purest in the world. 

The lid can also tell you the temperature of your water, and it can encourage you to drink up with hydration reminders. 

Do not think you will remember to purify your water? Do not worry. Auron has an automatic cleaning mode. This mode activates the UV light every 4 hours to make sure your water stays clean all the time.

Goes Anywhere With Ease

Auron’s ergonomic design was made to fit in any cup holder or bottle compartment in your bag or backpack. It is also practically indestructible. Auron is made of ultra-tough 304 stainless steel, which is unbreakable and undentable. 

Auron is resistant to shock, rust, corrosion, breaks, and spills. You can take it on flights without pressure issues. Bring it camping or climbing and never worry about damage. It is also great in dark environments, because the lid lights up. It makes it easy to locate in hostel rooms and at campsites. 

Purify Water From Any Source

One of the coolest benefits for travelers is that Auron can purify water from almost any source. So, if you are traveling in South America or Asia, you will still be able to drink tap water. Auron can purify it in 60 seconds. 

If you are backpacking around Italy, go ahead and fill up Auron at one of the public fountains. Auron will remove all microbes and other contaminants like chlorine, leaving you with only pure drinking water.

Finally, Auron can purify water from lakes and rivers. It is an essential tool for hikers and campers. Imagine not having to haul all that bottled water around with you. All you need is a natural water source and Auron, and you will have enough drinking water for your entire trip. 

No Filters Or Batteries Needed

Auron is not like other purifying water bottles. When you buy one Auron, you will get enough purification power for life in just one bottle. 

Auron’s UV light bulb is built to last for 300,000 uses. Even if you purify your water every four hours 24/7, Auron will last for 137 years. You will never have to switch out filters or cartridges. Auron’s UV light will provide consistent, 99.99% purification for life. 

Auron does not have replaceable batteries either. Its internal battery is rechargeable via a USB-C cable (the same cable you use to charge your phone). UV-light purification is very energy-friendly, so you will only have to charge the battery every 2 months or so, even with daily use. 


Auron’s double-walled insulation and vacuum-sealed container prevent temperature change from occurring in the bottle. Auron seals so tight that it can keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. 

Unlike other bottles, you will not have to sacrifice insulating power by opening the bottle to check the temperature. And you will not burn your tongue by taking a sip to see if your coffee is too hot. Just tilt the contents of Auron so they touch the lid, and you will see the temperature of your beverage on the lid display.

Auron’s double-walled insulation also prevents condensation, so your bottle will not sweat. This is helpful for travelers who often keep their water bottle in a bag near their electronics. Auron will never get wet or leaky. 

Much More Than Water

Because Auron is so effective at cleaning itself, you can use it for way more than water and never worry about mold, bacteria, or contamination. 

When you are not on the road, it makes a great thermos for coffee and tea. It can also hold your homemade juice or kombucha and keep it fresh for hours. And of course, we always get Auron filled up at the local brewery, especially on hot days. 

Auron makes a convenient carafe too. It has a slim and stylish design that looks a bit like a wine carafe, so we keep it on the table with fresh water or we fill it with white wine when we have guests on the patio. Auron keeps anything you put inside crisp and refreshing. 

Travel Better With Auron 

Traveling well is not just about trotting the globe and making the world your oyster. It is about doing something good for yourself, sharing with others, and respecting the planet we call home. Auron can make your travels much more convenient and everything you drink a whole lot tastier. And, it can prevent thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in our landfills and oceans. 

Auron is simply a better and more sustainable way for travelers to hydrate. No matter if I am traveling across the country or across town, I choose to travel better with Auron. 

And you should too! Now, you can pre-order the brand new Auron Bottle for 60% off the retail price. That is pure, delicious water FOR LIFE, and it will cost you as much as a normal vacuum-sealed bottle. Do yourself and the planet a favor, and get Auron now — it is guaranteed to ship before the summer travel season starts this year!

Learn more about Auron and see it in action at 

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