What to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring from Online Ring Store

March 5, 2021

Every love is special and deserves a unique celebration. You’ve finally found your soulmate. And there’s one final thing before you get down on your knees- The Engagement Ring. 

Selecting the engagement ring can be both exciting and confusing. We’re here to help you find the perfect ring for the perfect day. 

Here’re 10 things you should definitely know before buying an engagement ring from an online ring store.

10 Practical Checklist for Buying an Engagement Ring from Online Ring Store

You Can Shop Settings and Diamonds Separately

Yes. That’s true. The setting and the center diamond are often sold separately. 

When you’re purchasing an diamond engagement ring, you’re buying two elements- the center stone (the diamond, usually white) and the setting (the metal framework on which the center stone sits)

Be aware of this fact when you’re shopping from an online diamond ring store

Learn about the 4Cs

Before you start shopping and shortlisting your designs, know the 4Cs-

  • Cut- This grading determines how well the diamond captures light. 
  • Colour- Determines how colorless a white diamond is
  • Clarity- Determines the perfection of the stone, both internally and externally. It defines how flawless the stone is
  • Carat- Determine how large is your diamond

Although all 4Cs are essential to consider, prioritize the diamond cut. Why?

You want your ring to shine as bright as your love. A poorly cut diamond will not reflect adequate light, making your ring look dull.  

Style Depends On the Shape and Setting

The shape of your diamonds and the framework style determine the elegance of your engagement ring. You can choose any form based on your or your partner’s preference.

Settings can be modern, unique, vintage, classic, and much more. 

Know Your Partner’s Style

These days, Couples prefer shopping for the engagement ring together, and it’s completely normal. But, if you want to do it the traditional way and make the proposal brilliantly memorable, try to spy on your partner’s style. 

You can ask your partner’s close friends and family members. Or you can just notice the type of jewelry your partner generally wears.   

Place Your Order in Advance

Even if you’re buying a preset ring, place your order in advance. Some rings are made only after your order. 

Suppose you’re choosing the diamond and the setting separately. In that case, your jeweler will need time to assemble and make the final ring.

We recommend ordering 6-weeks in advance before you pop the question. 

Set Your Budget

“Purchase a ring worth your 3-months salary.” That’s a myth. Take it out of your head. 

Yes, the engagement ring is special. The ring is a token of your love. But don’t put yourself into significant debt.

Think about your personal budget. Spend as much or as little on the diamond ring based on your financial judgment. 

You Have the Option to Upgrade Later

If you can’t afford your dream engagement ring right now, you can always upgrade later. It’s a prevalent practice. You can either gift the upgraded ring on a special day like your anniversary or birthday. 

You may choose to upgrade the diamond or change the setting.

Know the Metal

You have a variety of options when it comes to the band. Platinum is the most common metal for the engagement ring. The durability and the purity of the metal make platinum an excellent choice for the special ring.

Next comes the gold. You can choose a white, gold, or rose-tone for your ring. The metal determines the ring’s look and how much upkeep it may require. 

Warranty vs. Jewellery Insurance

Know the difference between warranty and insurance. The warranty protects you from manufacturing defects or regular wear and tear damage. Jewelry insurance cover theft, accidental damage, or loss.

An authentic online diamond ring store offers you a jewelry warranty. 

Shop with Safety

Shopping for the diamond engagement ring online is completely safe. You just need to ensure specific parameters. The online diamond shop should have certain certifications and accreditation. Look for GIA certification. 

Trust only the best online diamond store. Make your special day unforgettable.

You Can Customize Your Ring

Some creativity, sprinkled with love and the expertise of the best online diamond store- you’ve your dream ring. Shopping for your engagement ring should be fun. 

A customized diamond ring is much more affordable than you think and worth the time required to create it.

You’ll have an engagement ring as unique as your love. Isn’t that great?

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