Lifestyles 101: Resurface Concrete To Pretty-Up The Patio

March 9, 2021

Are you tired of the constant chaos in your outdoors? Perhaps you need to pretty-up the floors to create a clear view of your home’s exterior. A concrete patio is a beautiful addition to your property. It improves the place’s overall aesthetic quality and provides a sturdy and reliable walk path. 

The outdoor floors become unsightly and uncomfortable to walk on. But the good part is that there are techniques to provide methods for reworking your patios and other surfaces. And one such approach is concrete resurfacing. But can you resurface a concrete patio? Can a local company like Patio Resurfacing Orlando or Thousand Oaks Concrete Pros offer service solutions? Yes is the sole answer to all that. What about costs? We will answer these questions and learn more as you delve into today’s piece.

Resurfacing A Patio?

You have the option to resurface the existing patio. There is no need for a complete replacement unless the damage is so severe. The resurfacing works with the installation of a concrete overlay that goes on top of your existing patio. It provides the structure a well-deserved second wind.

Outdoor Concrete Resurfacing Options

There is more than one way to resurface those exterior concrete structures on your property. Each one has its specifications, cost, and other features. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  •  Colorings

Color adds life to your concrete patios. They also provide top-quality protection. The best tone and tint choices include earth and stone colors. 

  • Stamps

Stamps provide a natural element look on your structures. Elements include flagstone, brick, slate, amber, and even wood. The best part about stamping the concrete is that you do not have to use the naturally-occurring things to achieve an effect. 

  • Stencils

Stencils behave like stamps. The difference is that stencils use intricate and complicated designs you cannot draw by hand alone.

  • Micro Toppings

Micro toppings highlight a unique and thin cement layer you can work with overall. It works as a form of canvass atop the concrete. You can install additional decorative features and ideas on it.

  • Staining

Staining comes in two one-of-a-kind forms: water-based stains and acid-based stains. A company like Stain Concrete Floors Houston highlights staining options you may want to peruse.

The Benefits Of Resurfacing Your Patios

Resurfacing can work wonders on your patios and other outdoor structures. Here is a list of those advantages you might want to check out:

  • No More Cracks

Patio’s chip and crack. With concrete resurfacing, you will not have to worry about them any longer.

  • Décor Galore

Resurfacing has dozens and dozens of designs, patterns, textures, and other decorative ideas. You have the liberty to go all-out creative and artsy when picking the right or the best one.

  • Low Maintenance

More and more people are siding to resurfacing because of the low maintenance it features. During most maintenance and cleaning sessions, all it would take to get the job done would be a mop and a broom. There is no need to use heavy-duty equipment.

  • Durability

Resurfacing options make your patios durable and last longer. It acts as another layer of reinforced protection. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, as well as weathering and other elements.

  • Budget-Friendly

Save more money with resurfacing. You only have to pay for the coating, plus some other materials. Resurfacing beats replacement in quite the scale. Replacement’s mandate purchasing new raw materials, and this will lead to more expenses and additional fees.

DIY Versus Hiring Professional Installers

DIY projects versus having professional assistance are always up for debate. So, we have here a short comparison of both practices:

Doing it yourself:

  • A DIY project allows you to control the undertaking without any hassles or other interference. You get to set the date and time for it. You also get to choose how to do so.
  • You can stick with your budget and find other alternative solutions when it comes to materials and tools
  • The creative process begins with you. The sky’s the limit when selecting the ideal decorative overlay design or theme. You can do what you want, and no one can tell you otherwise.
  • You can turn the DIY into a fun and rewarding experience with friends and family members. Working side-by-side with familiar faces is always a good thing. You get to bond with your loved ones as you work to make the property look and function better.

Help from the pros:

  • Professional contracting companies can get the job done faster and more efficiently. They consider time. And that is why they go in-depth with detailing and other matters to make things go smoothly.
  • With expert assistance, there is less risk for making mistakes and other errors. Workers train a lot to keep up with the standards in the industry. Doing so also allows them to stay sharp and focus when going down to business.
  • They use state-of-the-art equipment and tools for the job. The result turns your ordinary concrete patio into a charming work of art.


Various factors will affect how much you pay for your concrete patio resurface. You need to know what kind of resurfacing option will work best. There are also repairs and maintenance issues. You may do them on your own or hire a local firm, such as Chicago Concrete Repair

To Conclude Things

A do-it-yourself task sounds more convenient and cheap. However, it is not always the better choice. If you cannot handle things on your own, then it is time to get professional help. Besides the things mentioned here, experts put your budget into consideration. They will work on a solution that benefits both parties. So, you do not have to worry about how much you can shell out.

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