Things To Know Before Renting A Car Using Location De Voiture Portugal

March 10, 2021

Travels beautify and fulfill your life, so if you want to live it to the fullest, you will use every chance to tour the planet. There are so many beautiful and exciting destinations to see it. One of the places that should definitely be on your travel list is Portugal. 

Below is the list of reasons why Portugal is a must-visit destination:

Most tourists will agree that independent travels to Portugal are the best way to spend time and visit everything that you want, without a hurry and pressure. You can organize your vacation as you want. To make the most of your visit to this wonderful country, a warm recommendation is to rent a car, at least for a few days. 

The rental vehicles are quite affordable. In Portugal, there are over 1000 places where you can find a vehicle for your needs. But you can often run onto unfavorable deals and frauds. To avoid this, arm yourself with knowledge and take the time to find a rental company that meets your needs.

Know Your Needs

There are many reasons to rent a four-wheeler when traveling, especially for those coming to Portugal for business or special events. That is because travelers want to ensure they can get where they need to go without having to worry about transportation. You might need a four-wheeler in a city, but you will definitely need it if planning a road trip.

If you are just a regular tourist in Portugal, you know you need a vehicle so you can tour everything you want. So before you start looking for car rentals, you must know your needs and personal preferences. Maybe you are dying for a ride along the Portuguese beaches in a particular sports car? Of course, your budget will be one of the deciding factors.

Figure out the number of people that you will be carrying with you on your vacation. The larger the group, the bigger the vehicle you will need. When more people travel, it is easier to divide the rental costs and driving. But if you travel alone, that has its advantages, too.

One of the easiest ways to rent a car in Portugal is to book it online. There are many sites that offer affordable rates and their comparison. Make sure to check reviews and comments of people who already rented a car in a particular agency. Here are some tips to have in mind before renting a four-wheeler.

Think Of Pick-Up And Drop-Off Points

Most of these rentals come with online booking or through a call center. That helps you book a vehicle even months before your arrival to Portugal. Once you know how long you will be staying in Portugal, choose the date you would like your car rented. 

Pick-up and drop-off points are very easy to find. They are mostly located at airports, so as soon as you land, you can pick up a rented car. You are obliged to leave the vehicle at the drop-off point after the route is completed. That’s often not the same location from which you picked up the car, which can mean additional costs. Therefore, whenever possible, arrange for your pick-up and drop-offs to be the same.

The best period to rent a car in Portugal is in the morning. It is the most convenient time since traffic does not get any slower during this time. You will have enough time to get out of the city and avoid traffic jams. Also, you can enjoy great Portuguese nature all day long.

Car Size Matters

Find out what types of cars rental companies offer before you arrive. They have ‘economy’ vehicles, sedans, SUVs, and trucks to choose from. If you travel alone, a small, ‘economy’ vehicle will do. You do not need much storage space as you probably do not have big luggage.

Besides savings, the advantages of a small car are easy passage through narrow streets and traffic jams (you can expect these in Lisbon and Porto). Plus, it is much easier to find a parking lot than with a sedan. But for an outside adventure, like touring mountain sights or wild beaches, you need a strong and reliable sedan or SUV.

Manual Or Automatic Transmission

You can choose between manual or automatic transmission. Automatics are more expensive, but these cars are a better choice if you do not handle manual transmission well. They will have greater control over where the vehicle. When you need a comfortable vehicle for several people, automatics are a great solution.

But, if the difference in rent rate is large (sometimes even a few hundred dollars per day), maybe it pays to learn how to drive four-wheeler with manual transmission. Also, renting a four-wheeler with a regular gearbox is more convenient if you travel alone. But if you rent an SUV, you will not have as much room to maneuver, so you may want to choose automatic transmission. 

Be Ready

Finally, be prepared by carrying the right documents with you. Having a passport and driver’s license is one of the top tips for renting a vehicle in Portugal. Prepare your papers before you enter a rent-a-car lot. Also, think of all of the people coming with you to rent the car and have all of their papers on hand. Prepare their documents, too, just in case. 

Traveling with credit cards is not as risky as carrying cash. Keep them safely tucked away in a safe place while you travel to ensure you do not run into any problems. Most rental companies accept cards, but make sure to inquire about payment methods before you arrive. That will prevent unpleasant surprises. 

Pay Attention To Extra Charges

Many travelers planning to rent a four-wheeler in Portugal might end up unpleasantly surprised. They might book a vehicle in special online deals, but the real price happens to be much higher. There are many hidden costs that you should know about. 

If you want to rent a car in Portugal, check or any other comparison website. If you are in doubt, contact rental companies and inquire about other fees. Ask about insurance and check whether your insurance policy cover rented vehicles.

Do not be afraid to ask for discounts and special deals. Almost all car rental companies offer discounts for various factors. But sometimes these offers are not available or only available on certain dates. If you get a good deal early on, you will have a better price when you call on the day of your visit.

You probably do not have a lot of extra money and time to waste trying to rent a car. So it is very important to pick a reputable rental company and book a vehicle ahead of time to avoid any surprises. Do some research and prepare everything for a pleasant stay in Portugal.

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