xFyro ANC Pro: Affordable Travel Headphones for Moms

March 12, 2021

I used to love listening to music while traveling. There is nothing like getting on a plane, putting on your headphones, and getting ready to escape to a new world. 

Music and travel go hand-in-hand. When you explore new places, you explore new sounds, instruments, and even dances. And when you pair your adventures with your favorite songs, it helps reinforce your memories and makes them more vivid. 

However, once I began traveling with my family, I started listening to music less. That is because I could not wear my headphones and keep close watch over any littles ones traveling with me. 

Luckily, I discovered a new kind of true wireless headphones called xFyro ANC Pro. They have a special noise-canceling mode that uses artificial intelligence to ensure you stay aware of your surroundings and your kids’ voices. 

Now, I can put my headphones on and still hear any little voices calling out for me. The headphones actually listen for voices speaking to you and allow them to pass through to your ears! I will explain a bit more in a minute. 

If you are a mom who loves to travel with a soundtrack to back her up, xFyro ANC Pro let you enjoy your tunes without losing any awareness of your surroundings. You can have full conversations without ever pressing pause. Not only that, but xFyro ANC Pro are also kid-proof and waterproof, and they have a 100-hour battery. 

Even better, xFyro ANC Pro are much more affordable than most other headphones, and they sound just as good. You can get a pair on sale now for 50% off the list price. Do not wait to get a pair in time for travel season! 

xFyro ANC Pro Keep You Aware And In Tune

The biggest problem with wearing headphones as a mom is that you cannot stay aware of your kids. So, no matter how much you like music, you have to give it up. What a shame! 

Now, xFyro’s artificial intelligence (AI) headphones have solved that problem. 

The xFyro ANC Pro are built with a special type of active noise canceling (ANC) technology. It uses AI to listen to your surroundings so you don’t have to. 

The headphones can distinguish between over 6000 different sounds. If they hear a voice speaking to you, they will lower the volume of your music and pass the voice through the speaker and on to your ears. They also do this for other sounds like sirens and alarms. 

xFyro ANC Pro keep you aware of your environment and your kids without interrupting your music. It is the best of both worlds for music-loving moms. 

The best part is, all other sounds remain canceled. So, you will not have to hear loud plane engines, nearby chatter, air conditioning, construction, and other annoying sounds — only the ones you need to hear.

If the kids are not around, you can turn off the AI mode and listen normally. Or, you can turn on standard ANC and block out all sound. It can be nice to escape into your own world of music every once and a while, especially these days!

Effortless Wireless 

Say goodbye to complicated headphones and tangled wires. xFyro ANC Pro are totally wireless and totally automatic.

Just put them in and press play. They will do all the work for you. There is no need to mess with buttons or menus. 

Just by putting the earbuds in your ears, you can instantly connect to your phone, tablet, computer, or anything else with Bluetooth.

xFyro ANC Pro have the latest Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth 5.0. That means you can connect faster than ever and move further from your phone without any wires. xFyro ANC Pro have a 30-foot wireless range. 

This is really helpful at the gym or the pool. You can leave your phone at a safe distance and still access your music, make calls, and more. 

Simple Touch Controls

You do not need to take your earbuds out or press tiny buttons to operate xFyro ANC Pro. Easy touch controls allow you to take total control of your music and your phone with a series of taps. 

By touching the left or right earbud once or twice, you can play your music, skip a track, pause, control the volume, take calls, and more. You do not need to know where to press. Just tap anywhere and you are all set. 

Stunning Sound

xFyro ANC Pro are built with a special type of speaker made with an award-winning material called graphene. What award did it win? The Nobel Prize!

Graphene is a “supreme” material, which means it has dozens of practical applications. One of those is producing a wide range of sound frequencies.

Graphene, though 1000x thinner than paper, is 200x stronger than steel. It produces crystal-clear audio at loud volumes without making your music sound staticky or distorted.

It is so strong that it can handle strong vibrations, unlike other speakers in small headphones. So, you get clear audio with beautiful high notes and satisfying bass. And, the speakers will last a long time (graphene is stronger than diamond!).

A Vacation-Long Battery

You do not want your battery to quit, but you also do not have time to charge your headphones while you are hopping from place to place. 

Luckily, you will only have to charge xFyro ANC Pro once to last your entire vacation. 

xFyro have a 100-hour battery life — the longest of any headphones like it. That includes 10 hours in the earbuds themselves and another 90 hours in their carrying case. If your earbuds run out of power, just 15 minutes in the carrying case will charge them up to full again.

Even if you use up your full 100 hours of power, you can charge the carrying case to full with a standard USB-C cable in just 2 hours. 

But, you should be able to charge the case before you leave and have plenty of power for your entire trip. 

It does not get easier than that!

Soft And Comfy Fit

xFyro ANC Pro are the only headphones that I can actually fall asleep in. They are so comfy that they feel like you are not wearing anything at all. This is pretty surprising for inner-ear canal headphones.

I thought they were going to feel tight and itchy like other true wireless headphones, but they feel soft and cushy instead. 

A few minutes after I put them in, I cannot feel anything at all. It is kind of cool — like having a soundtrack playing in your head! 

xFyro ANC Pro come with three sets of ear tips, so you can size your earbuds to find the right fit. 

Kid-Proof And Waterproof

Can your kids destroy these headphones?

Yes. Kids can destroy anything! But they will have a pretty hard time with xFyro ANC Pro. 

The earbuds have an IPX5 waterproof rating, so they are immune to rain, puddles, drool, and sweat. 

They are also sealed and button-free, so no cracker crumbs and dirt can get into any creases or cracks. 

The earbuds can handle falls and tumbles, and when they are inside the carrying case, they can take a real beating without sustaining damage. 

As long as your kids do not throw them in the pool, they should be fine for a few years at least (fingers crossed!).

Hands-Free Phone Access

As a mom, anything hands-free is always a plus. With xFyro ANC Pro, you can use your headphones to control all the functions of your phone using voice commands. 

With a few taps to an earbud, Siri or Google will appear in your headphone speakers. Then, you can give voice commands to make calls, send voice-to-chat texts, surf the web, post on Facebook, make dinner reservations, and a lot more.

Using voice commands is a real lifesaver when you have a suitcase in one arm and a sleeping child in the other!

Travel With Your Music Again (And Take 50% Off xFyro ANC Pro)

Remember what it was like traveling BEFORE you had kids? Just a cocktail in one hand and your music carrying you from the pool to the spa to the beach and back to the pool again. 

You might not be able to have quite so many cocktails, but you can get your music back with xFyro ANC Pro. These headphones were built with moms in mind. Finally, you can get lost in your music again without missing a single squeak from a nearby babe. 

Now, you can get your pair for an affordable price just in time for travel season! xFyro’s spring sale features the xFyro ANC Pro for 50% off the list price. That is over $100 off for premium headphones. If you are a music-loving mom, do not miss out!

You can see more headphones from xFyro and order your xFyro ANC Pro at xfyro.com

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