Check yourself: what will go to TikTok and what will not

March 12, 2021

TikTok isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, put up with it. And learn how to use this platform to benefit your business. At the time of this writing, over 1.6 billion short videos have already been uploaded to TikTok. In terms of downloads, this application has already come out on top among non-gaming apps. In terms of popularity and time spent on the social network, TikTok is gradually overtaking the giant platforms. And in terms of growth rate, it has already overtaken. Try leveraging buy TikTok likes to increase your engagement rate and maximize your visibility on TikTok. 

These metrics prove it’s time to jump on the TikTok promotion train if you want to buy tiktok followers or reach a younger audience and beyond. Only 69% of the total audience are people from 16 to 24 years old.
Not sure where to start? Read our articles here and here – and come back here to test your knowledge and intuition. Or, if you already have some ideas, skip ahead to the test.

Testing different ideas

This is where we will ask questions and suggest answers. Think, give your answer. And then scroll further and find out how to do it right. We will explain our position in detail. Maybe you will learn something new. Or, make sure you are thinking in the right direction. So, to the questions.

1. Should I launch a challenge with a branded hashtag?
b) Only if I’m ready to offer a big prize for the best video.

c) No, this is ineffective.

Hashtagged challenges are the main vehicle for brand promotion on TikTok. As in other social networks, hashtags here serve to search and sort content. But only here are the challenges so popular.

What is a challenge? This is such a challenge to users: fulfill the conditions, put down a hashtag. TikTok adds to this the use of a specific track.

There are two ways to launch a challenge: upload a video with conditions in your profile and hope for the best, or pay for promotion so that your challenge will immediately get into the “Interesting” header.

If you are just starting your TikTok swim, it is better to pay in order to immediately recruit many participants in the challenge and appear in the recommended list of hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of users.

What should be the challenge? Simple. Don’t ask Tiktokers to sing an aria from The Fifth Element or paint a picture 5 by 4 meters using the hyperrealism technique. Don’t weed out potential distributors of your hashtag. And don’t be too serious. TikTok is mostly filled with silly dances and hilarious plywood mouths. People come here to relax and cheer up. Don’t strain them. And remember your goal. What do you want to achieve? To be known about you? To increase sales? To form a certain image? From this and make a start.

The prize in the challenge is optional, you can motivate it with other things: popularity, for example.

2. Do you think tutorial videos will be included here?
a) Of course not. People are having fun here. And what can be done in 15 or even 60 seconds!

b) Yes, people will not get tired in a minute.

c) Yes if you adjust to the format.

Yes, we talked about the TikTok feature – light and funny content. But you can also unwind here on educational videos. Just put useful information into a fun, compact form.

See, for example, how doctors cope with educational programs in the audience. They record videos using dynamic music and the power of TikTok’s video editor.

3. Do you think working with influencers is a good idea?
a) You shouldn’t involve someone from the outside.

b) No, what kind of influencers are there – teenagers and freaks!

c) Yes, they have an audience that may overlap with your target.

Yes, influencers have made it to TikTok. Partnering with influencers will give you the opportunity to connect with their audience and benefit from their creativity and unique style.

For example, here is a recent example from the world of self-isolation. The body care company launched the #ownthecurve challenge with the help of Addison Ray, which has over 40 million TikTok followers.

When users saw the video, they clicked on the hashtag and went to its page. And they already saw who sponsored this challenge.

Challenge, of course, is only one form of collaboration with influencers, albeit the most effective one. There are others:

Account management. Allow TikTok to publish content directly from your account. As a rule, such videos are promoted on both accounts: you and the influencer.
Support. One or more videos where the influencer speaks positively about your product or reviews it.
Regardless of the form in which you want to collaborate with influencers, general tips will come in handy:

Find the right person. Analyze influencers. Consider not only the size of the audience but also its composition, as well as the values ​​of the Tiktoker itself. Pick one or a couple of influencers and build relationships with them based on trust and respect.
Be authentic. The value of influencers lies in the fact that they have their own, private opinions, which the audience loves and respects. To be an effective partner, d

Give them creative freedom. Let them create content that, in their opinion, will organically fit into their profile. Work out a game plan together, but don’t overdo it.
Assess the impact. As with all aspects of your strategy, there is a goal to keep in mind. Track the results of your interactions: whether it’s sales, audience growth, or participation in a challenge. So you will find out if the collaboration has brought you closer to the goal, or, conversely, has moved away.
And the last thing about influencers. All affiliate videos are highlighted with the #sponsored tag. This is the platform rule.

4. Do I need to post holiday videos?
a) No, everyone is tired of video greetings.

b) Yes, it’s a standard marketing trick to post congratulations.

c) Yes, but congratulations are not an option.

Back to the nature of TikTok. Yes, this is a social network for funny videos, among which there may be educational videos. And now we present to you one more feature. TikTok organizes a charity event for every holiday. For example, by June 1, International Children’s Day, the social network has teamed up with the Arithmetic of Good Foundation to highlight the importance of supporting orphans. The organizers launched a marathon of positive videos in which people thanked people they hold dear.

Usually such videos do not become popular, this is not a format, no one is looking for them or waiting for them. But the challenge gave users the opportunity to share a piece of goodness and learn more about supporting orphans by clicking on the #Children’s Day hashtag.

Every brand should keep track of upcoming events and holidays, especially those related to your products and brand history.

Use the content calendar to plan your special videos so you don’t miss out on any time to grab your audience’s interest.

5. What about tutorials?
why not.

b) No, the video length is too short.

c) No, not the format.

TikTok may not be YouTube, they won’t be looking for how to hammer a nail or disassemble a laptop, but other topics can be covered in a 60-second video.

Makeup, cooking, fitness are the most popular topics on TikTok, but they don’t have to be limited to them. Selling electronics – show me how to stick on bubble-free film or dust plugs, hobby products – some basic stitches or buttonholes. The possibilities are endless! Anything you want can be packaged into a tutorial if you take care of dynamics and a bright picture. And if you are short of a minute, split the video into several parts.

6. What is better to post: content about the eternal or reactions to specific events?
a) We sow reasonable, good, eternal, which will always be relevant.

b) A little of this, a little of this.

c) We react quickly to everything that happens, catch trends.

TikTok is almost a separate world. Have you heard of nose-painting, click-to-change dressing, clone dancing, and mug diving? These are all intra-current trends. But the outside world also influences the agenda of the social network. Pop culture and mainstream news infiltrate commercials, taking on new life here.

A great example of trending surfing is the account of the respected Washington Post newspaper. In a newspaper with a 140-year history, there was an employee who studied TikTok trends and began to create content on the topic of the day. Than collected half a million subscribers and 23 million likes.

You, too, can advance on the actual. The main thing is to adapt it to the vowel and unspoken rules of the platform and your image.

7. Will the branded filter be useful to you?
a) Yes, you can try.

b) Yes, but it’s difficult, you need good specialists.

c) No, it’s just a beautiful feature.

On TikTok, just like Instagram with Snapchat, you can create your own filters and masks. You can even be branded. But this is not easy to do, without a good AR designer nothing will work. And the creation takes a long time. Often you can’t let them go. So the release of a mask or filter can only be timed to coincide with some major event. Product launch, for example.

But when done right, filters can increase brand awareness and expand your audience, as well as generate a ton of branded content from your followers and fans.

8. Is it worth posting a video with a cliffhanger, unfinished, promising to continue in the next video?
a) Of course! A great way to grab attention and intrigue.

b) No, it won’t work.

c) Well, it works for TV shows, why not try it.

This movie annoys people, to be honest. For some users, it sometimes works when they offer something really cool and unique. But brands will definitely not be forgiven for this.

Let’s summarize

In fact, no one will give you a 100% guarantee of what will come in and what will not. Even Philip Kirkorov manages to break into the recommended one.

Our responses are what we’ve noticed over the life of TikTok: trends, features, and all that. Any video can go into the recommended one and become popular. But those that we talked about have the greatest chances.

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